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What is a Hongkongdoll?

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Hongkongdoll is an actress and social media personality that is famous in two countries – China and the US. She has worked with various studios and gained popularity online. Her photos were circulated online, and her social media presence made her famous. She is based in New York and has worked on several movies. If you are looking to buy a Hongkongdoll dress, there are several ways to do so.

Body measurements

A Hongkong doll is an American actress and model. She was born in Shanghai, China, and her parents are from Hong Kong. The doll began her professional career in the multimedia industry in 2021. She currently works as a model and actress, and has had several photo shoots in bikinis. The doll stands 11 inches tall and weighs approximately 115 pounds. Here are some of the body measurements for Hongkong doll.

HongKongDoll is known for her hot body. She is an Instagram star and is active on social media. She posts photos of her daily life, as well as some of her favorite activities, on a regular basis. She has more than 2 million followers on Instagram, and has a large fan base. She is also very popular in the adult industry. Unlike most other models, HongkongDoll is not just an Instagram sensation. She has also had a thriving career in AV movies and shows.

HongKongDoll weighs 48 kilograms and stands at 1.68 meters. She has brown eyes and black hair. She wears a shoe size of 7 and a dress size of 4. Her body measurements are 32B-24-34. Her net worth is estimated at $100k USD. She is an adult entertainment model, which means that she makes movies and webcams on various dating sites. She is a fitness fanatic and regularly works out to improve her figure.

The net worth of HongKongDoll is unknown. Most estimates range between $352,000 and USD 610,000. Whether she has earned this sum or not depends on her position in the community and her lifestyle. She is a popular star on social media, and has an extensive fan base that has grown to several million followers. In addition to presenting herself in adult content, HongKongDoll posts pictures of her face on her social media accounts.

Dress size

Dolls are often made of plastic. Hong Kong clones are usually small and pale. Darker versions are rare. Their faces and makeup styles are similar to those of Hong Kong clones. Many clones have their own unique markings, but it’s impossible to tell which one is the genuine article. The Hong Kong doll, however, is the most popular type. Regardless of the size, the doll is incredibly adorable and will surely attract your attention.

The Hongkong doll has double nationalities and has performed in many adult movie and web scenes. She has also worked with renowned actors and actresses. Hong Kong doll’s real name is unknown to the public but you can check out her account on OnlyFans.com for free. Her measurements are 32B-24-34. She has black hair and brown eyes. Her body is flexible, allowing her to play almost any role.

The HongKongDoll was a favorite of pornographers. She was a popular model and Instagram user during the time of the pestilence, and many were caught pornography with her. The HongKongDoll has since become a celebrity and a huge personality. It’s not uncommon for this adorable doll to be dressed in adult clothes by the time she’s an adult. She even has her own Instagram account and is a member of the Pornography House.

The HongKongDoll was born in Shanghai, China, on the first of August 1994 and is estimated to be twenty-seven years old in 2021. She has a 32B-24-34 body type and is a leo. Her net worth is expected to be around $100K USD by 2021. This is a good estimate, although she is still a rising star! You can check her Twitter and Instagram accounts and follow her on social media to see what she is up to.


The Hong Kong Doll is a famous internet star who has made a name for herself in the adult leisure industry. She is about 167cm tall, weighed 48 kilograms, and is a Gemini by birth. HongkongDoll has a diverse range of interests and is currently working in the adult leisure industry. You can learn more about her appearance by reading on! Here are some fun facts about HongkongDoll.

The HongKongDoll is a popular model and an active Instagram user. She’s become a star with a large personality. Her Instagram account shows her growing popularity, and her height is also well-known worldwide. She’s young, but has a huge personality. She’s also quite successful in the adult entertainment industry, thanks to her collaborations with various celebrities and AV Movies & Shows.

HongKongDoll is an Asian-American ad model. She has dark hair and earth-colored eyes. She wears shoe size seven and dresses size four. She is a 32B-24-34 body type, and her net worth is estimated to reach $100,000 USD in 2021. HongKongDoll is currently working in the adult entertainment industry and leading webcams for dating administrations. She has over one million fans on social media.

Hongkong Doll’s popularity has increased to an unanticipated level. It’s important to remember that she’s from Shanghai, and has lived in Hong Kong for the majority of her life. Hongkong Doll’s height and weight are estimated to be approximately 48 kilograms. There are several rumors and speculations about Hongkong Doll’s personal life, including her marriage and kids.


If you’re wondering how much does HongKongDoll weigh, the answer is 106lbs. This Asian vlogger stands five feet six inches tall and is 106 pounds. She has a very sexy body and is very popular with her fans. Her profile on PH shows that she has a very low body fat percentage. But even though she’s been in the spotlight, it doesn’t mean her weight is low.

This social media personality and fashion model was born in China, and has a low body fat percentage, which is typical for Asian women. Her hair is light, and her eyes and nose are earth-colored. Her voice is soft and coquettish. It’s no wonder that she’s a huge hit! And she’s still very young, too! It’s unclear whether Hongkongdoll is still young, or if she’s reached a certain weight limit.

Hongkongdoll’s weight is just one factor in her popularity. She’s also a very popular model, with hundreds of followers on Instagram. Despite her weight problem, she’s still in the public eye, which isn’t surprising considering her youth. In addition to being famous and incredibly thin, she also has a big personality and an even bigger ego. In this way, she’s very flexible and versatile, and can play just about any role imaginable.

HongKongDoll’s net worth is estimated to be around $100K USD. The majority of her income is from AV videos she creates for studios. Hongkongdoll has given us some facts about her height, age, and body stats. You can also read HongKongDoll’s bio for more details about her. We hope this article has helped you make an informed decision about how much HongKongDoll weighs.

Zodiac sign

A well-known Instagram model and actress, the HongKong doll is a member of the Zodiac sign of Gemini. Born in Shanghai, China, the model and actress began her professional career in 2021 with the media company ‘Model Hub’ studio. Although the birth date of HongKong Doll is not known, she is a 27-year-old female with brown eyes and black hair.

A Hong Kong doll is an excellent gift for a teen. Its size is approximately 167cm tall and comes in an array of colours and styles. She is also very popular in porn and has her own Instagram account, titled @HongKongDolloficial. Her Twitter account is @hkdoll00. She is a very popular celebrity and has a lot of fans.

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The Zodiac sign of Hong Kong doll varies according to the lunar calendar. The lunar year begins on 9 Feb. and ends on 29 Jan. 1986. As a result, people born after the 29th of Jan. are considered HARE people, while people born before that date are TIGERS. A Hong Kong doll’s Zodiac sign is dependent on when she was born. Despite the differences in the calendar, each doll is still a unique and fascinating gift.

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