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Twitter Elon Musk 7.75m Zatko

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Twitter Elon Musk 7.75m Zatko

On March 22, 2021, Elon Musk announced on Twitter that he had hired Peiter Zatko, also known as “Mudge,” to improve the security of the social media platform. This comes after a series of high-profile security breaches that have impacted Twitter in recent years Twitter Elon Musk 7.75m Zatko.

Who is Peiter Zatko?

Peiter Zatko is a well-known cybersecurity expert who has worked for various organizations, including the Department of Defense and Google. He is known for his work on “l0phtcrack,” a tool that exposed vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, and his contributions to the development of the Tor Project, a free and open-source software that helps users protect their online privacy.

Why Did Elon Musk Hire Zatko?

In his tweet, Musk said that he was looking for ways to improve the “Twitter Elon Musk 7.75m Zatko”security of Twitter and that Zatko would be joining the company as head of security. Musk also expressed his admiration for Zatko’s work and said that he had previously consulted with him on security matters.

The move comes after Twitter suffered a major security breach in July 2020, in which the accounts of high-profile users, including Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos, were compromised. The hackers used the compromised accounts to post messages promoting a bitcoin scam, which resulted in millions of dollars in losses.

What Will Zatko’s Role Be?

Zatko’s role at Twitter will be to improve the platform’s security and prevent similar breaches from happening in the future. He will work closely with Twitter’s engineering, product, and design teams to identify and address vulnerabilities in the platform.

In an interview with Reuters, Zatko said that he would be focusing on “information security, site integrity, physical security, platform integrity— which starts at the server layer— and engineering.” He also said that he would be conducting a review of Twitter’s security practices and making recommendations for improvements Twitter Elon Musk 7.75m Zatko.


Elon Musk’s hiring of Peiter Zatko is a significant move for”Twitter Elon Musk 7.75m Zatko” Twitter, which has struggled with security issues in the past. Zatko’s expertise and experience in cybersecurity are expected to help strengthen Twitter’s security and protect its users from future breaches. With Zatko at the helm, Twitter can look forward to a more secure and trustworthy platform.

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