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The Side Eye Meme

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side eye meme

A side eye is an expression of disapproval in social media that has gained a lot of popularity. The side eye meme began when a young girl named Chloe Clem side-eyed her mother. The incident was captured on video and quickly went viral. Chloe was two years old when the incident occurred. Her mother had told her daughters they had earned a Disneyland trip, and her reaction to her mother’s side-eye was hilarious and went viral.

Chloe Clem

Chloe Clem has become an Internet sensation thanks to her side-eye meme. The video, filmed in her home state of Utah in November 2010, was uploaded to a family’s YouTube channel by the young girl’s mother. The video quickly became a hit, garnering over 20 million views.

While the video became a hit, Clem had no idea that she would make the video go viral. The image of her unimpressed face quickly spread across social media. The ten-year-olds mom, Katie Clem, shared the video with her two daughters. Her older sister Lily started crying with excitement, but her little sister Chloe was aloof.

Clem and her mother Katie shared the video in 2013 announcing a trip to Disneyland. The video soared to viral fame and Clem’s mother was even able to sell the video for thousands of dollars. The girl now has over 500,000 Instagram followers and appears in a Google advertisement in Brazil.

While Chloe Clem has been credited with creating the meme, the Clem family wants to claim the image as their own. The Clem family plans to sell the image as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). NFTs are digital assets that can be purchased with cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

Chloe’s meme has become an Internet sensation, gaining popularity in just eight years. Now, her family wants to monetize the meme and raise money for her school. The family plans to sell the image through NFT marketplace Foundation, which accepts Ethereum, the cryptocurrency that is valued at about $15,000 per unit.

The face of Chloe Clem has become an iconic image. It’s been shared over 15 million times and is now being used by social media fans as a meme. The face was plastered over Google’s offices in Brazil. The image was also sold as NFT by Chloe Clem.

Chloe Clem’s mom Katie Clem first discovered the value of NFTs of memes after seeing the auctions for Disaster Girl. She and her husband subsequently spent months learning about NFTs and eventually sold the side eye meme for US$760,000.

Michelle Obama’s side-eye gaze

If you’ve seen the inauguration speech of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, you’ve probably seen a screengrab of Michelle Obama’s side-eye gaze. It became an instant meme. The First Lady also side eye meme shares this classic look with Hillary Clinton. She often gives her opponents the side-eye stare, but in this case, she’s expressing her feelings.

When she received a gift from incoming first lady Melania Trump, she gave the new President a side-eye gaze. This was an attempt to hold back tears. However, this gesture has become a favorite meme among internet users. While it may seem strange to some, it is a powerful way to express your feelings.

After the inauguration of Donald Trump, side eye meme many people were able to relate to Michelle Obama’s side-eye gaze. Not only did she give a side-eye to Melania Trump, but she was also propping her up, too. The side-eye gaze is a type of look that signifies disapproval and contempt. This image was captured during the inauguration of the president-elect and has since become a meme.

A side-eye gaze is a gaze-avoiding gesture that can be offensive or defensive. The most famous version of the side-eye gaze is the Monkey Puppet, which has gained massive popularity. The side-eye gaze is a common way to avoid the gaze of an opponent, so it is important to know how to properly use it.

Chloe’s side-eye to her mother

A two-year-old’s reaction to her mother’s “We’re going to Disney” news has gone viral. Chloe Clem was caught on camera making a side-eye gesture to her mother. The video has since become an internet meme.

The video quickly went viral after Lee, a Tumblr user, submitted an animated GIF photo set containing several highlights of the video. One GIF showed Chloe reacting to her crying sister, with the caption, “What da hell is this girl crying for?” The post was so popular that it received over 120,000 notes in less than a month.

The video went viral, garnering over 20 million views on YouTube and gaining a huge fanbase among netizens. The mom of the little girl, named Chloe, said that the video is meant to raise money for the young girl’s education.

The screengrab of Chloe’s side-eye to her mother, which went viral after the story, sold for more than 180 Ether. The video has also become a viral video, with Chloe Clem’s face plastered all over Google’s offices. It’s also now a meme, and the Clem family is probably quite pleased with the profit.

The “original” digital version of the side-eye meme was sold for almost $7.5K at an auction. It’s not clear if Chloe Clem’s mother was the one who purchased the image. Regardless, the meme has made Clem’s mom very happy.

Dieunerst Collin’s side-eye gaze

If you’re into football, you’ve probably seen Dieunerst Collin. He’s a state champion and a social media sensation. A Vine video of him holding a Popeye’s drink and wearing a yellow side eye meme has gone viral. And he has a following of nearly twenty-five thousand.

Collin was nine years old when he made his viral video debut. He’s currently a member of the East Orange Campus High School football team. His team recently won the Group 5 New Jersey State Championship. His side-eye gaze has remained a part of internet lore.

Collin was first made famous by a viral Vine video he posted while waiting in line at Popeyes. That video has since been viewed more than 19 million times. Even though Twitter has since discontinued Vine, Collin’s face continues to pop up in reaction memes. Despite all the attention, he didn’t ask to be an internet sensation. In fact, side eye meme his Vine video earned him the title.

Collin became a viral star after being mistaken for Lil Terio in a Vine video. The video, which shows Collin giving a cameraman the side-eye look, went viral. In one week, the video clocked over 19 million views. He was also named a state champion in football.

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