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The Importance of Keeping A Home Maintenance Record

by Time Project
The Importance of Keeping A Home Maintenance Record

Owning your own home is a part of the American dream, and homeowners know that keeping up with maintenance is not just a matter of pride, but it’s also a matter of protecting your most valuable asset. Some homes require a lot of maintenance while others only require a little, but however much your home requires, it’s important to keep a running record of all of the maintenance you perform or have performed in and around your home. Below are three reasons why:

1. A Maintenance Record Let’s You Know When To Check Things

When you’re a busy working professional, it can be easy to forget little details about when home maintenance was performed. Did you replace that faucet last year or the year before? How old is that repair you made? Did you buy those 18/8 stainless steel washers for your bolts from Superior Washer or from a different supplier?

When you add kids into the equation, it can be even more difficult to keep up with the details. By keeping a record of home maintenance that includes things like when a task was performed, who performed it and what parts were used, you’ll have a record that you can look back on to know when it’s time to check up on things again. You can also use this record to set reminders in your calendar to re-check repairs or fixture installations, and your maintenance record can also be used to remind you about checking other things around the home.

2. A Maintenance Record Let’s You Keep Up With Warranties

Plenty of things around your home come with warranties, but keeping up with all of the dates that these warranties expire may be challenging. Unfortunately, this may mean you miss warranty expiration dates on items around the home that need to be replaced and would have otherwise qualified under a warranty. If you miss a warranty date and something breaks due to a manufacturer defect, you’re likely going to pay out of your own pocket to get things corrected.

To use your home maintenance record effectively, consider scanning receipts for items you install around your home. If you put in a new water fixture, make a copy of the receipt and make sure to get the date in the image. Include a copy along with notes about the installation, and mark down whether you did the work or whether you hired someone to do the work.

If you hire someone to do home maintenance work, include a copy of any work orders as well as any agreements regarding the work. Some home maintenance companies offer separate warranties for parts and labor, so a term that covers one may not cover the other. Include the name or service tag number of the worker who completed each job in the event that they are no longer with the company when you go to file a warranty claim.

3. A Maintenance Record Can Help Sell Your Home

If you decide to sell your home in the future, having a detailed home maintenance record may help you to sell your home more quickly and for a higher price. Potential buyers will want to know what they are getting, and you can offer peace of mind by showing documented evidence of all work that has been performed on the house.

You may want to consult with a real estate agent about the best way to prepare your maintenance record before listing your home. They may have advice regarding the organization or positioning of home maintenance information so that it doesn’t look like the home had a lot of problems when it only required normal home maintenance over time.

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