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The ‘2974 and Counting Hat’ Could Fetch As Much As $500,000 at Auction

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The '2974 and Counting Hat' Could Fetch As Much As $500,000 at Auction

Earlier this week, we told you about the ‘2974 and counting hat‘ that Steph Curry was wearing following his historic night at MSG. The hat represents the number of threes Curry has made during his career and could fetch as much as $500,000 if sold at auction. Now, we’ll talk about what makes this hat so valuable and why it could be worth that much. Also, we’ll explain why Curry’s 2974 hat is so valuable, and why it might be worth a lot more than a few hundred bucks.

Steph Curry wears ‘2974 and counting’ hat after historic night at MSG

This ‘2974 and counting’ hat was worn by Steph Curry during his post-game press conference after his historic night at MSG. Curry has a number imprinted on the front of his shoe, and it is not just an ordinary basketball cap. The hat is made of acetate, which can easily fetch thousands of dollars when sold.

In a game against the New York Knicks, Curry broke Ray Allen’s three-point record.2974 and counting hat Allen had held the record for years, but Curry passed him in 2011. Since then, the two have remained in the top spot of the list. Curry was well-wished by teammates, parents, and friends on his historic night at MSG. He continues to set NBA records.

On Tuesday night, Curry surpassed Ray Allen’s all-time 3-point record, and he wore a special jersey to commemorate the occasion. This hat features the number 2974, which represents the number of three-pointers 2974 and counting hat Curry made on his way to passing Allen. After the game, Curry spent some time with Allen to discuss his accomplishment.

Having a game in one of the premier sports arenas in the world will help Curry make the moment last in people’s minds. The moment wouldn’t hit Curry as hard in Indiana, if he’d shot from anywhere else in the league. 2974 and counting hat The ‘2974 and counting’ hat will be one of the most popular NBA hats on the market, and will certainly be a conversation piece for years to come.

Stephen Curry broke the 3-point record during a historic game at Madison Square Garden. The Golden State Warriors’ star guard knocked down his 2,974th long-range shot with seven minutes, 33 seconds left in the first quarter. After hitting his 28-footer, Curry was surrounded by teammates, coaches, and his father, Dell Curry. After the game, Curry was embraced by former NBA star Ray Allen, who was present to watch his historic night.

Steph Curry has 2,974 made threes in his career

Stephen Curry’s latest 3-point milestone is an incredible accomplishment. On Tuesday, the Golden State Warriors’ star passed Hall of Famer Ray Allen for the record of most career made threes with 2,974 in his career. Curry’s 3PT percentage ranks seventh all-time, and he has the fourth-highest single-season total in NBA history with 402 made treys.

On Saturday, 3.5 million people tuned in to watch Curry’s milestone, which occurred during the Warriors’ game against the 76ers. And Tuesday, ticket prices were skyrocketing ahead of Curry’s game at Madison Square Garden. Before tip-off, Curry met with film director Spike Lee and high school basketball coach Allen at center court. 2974 and counting hat The pair also celebrated Curry’s achievement with an emotional hugs.

After a tough game against the New York Knicks on Tuesday, Stephen Curry became the all-time leader in 3-pointers. The Golden State Warriors’ star hit 13 threes to reach the record in his first quarter. It was an incredible moment, and Curry embraced his teammates and his family. He was the first player in NBA history to reach the milestone, beating Ray Allen, who had held the record for 10 years.

On Feb. 27, 2010, Curry makes his 100th three. He has now reached this feat in 158 games. Curry’s feat comes one year after reaching the milestone. In April 2013, he broke Ray Allen’s single-season record of 269 threes. He now holds four of the five most prolific seasons for three-pointers. The Golden State Warriors superstar remains the only player to hit at least four hundred threes in a single season.

On Tuesday night, Stephen Curry made his 2,974th three-point field goal, passing Hall of Famer Ray Allen. Curry was just two made 3-pointers away from the mark, and he made it with 7:33 left in the first quarter. The milestone is also the highest total for a single player in NBA history. So what does this mean for the rest of us? And where will it end up?

With these numbers, Stephen Curry is now the all-time leading 3-point shooter in NBA history. 2974 and counting hat He has more made threes than anyone else, including Klay Thompson, Damian Lillard, and Kevin Durant. That’s a lot of threes, and Curry has plenty of reasons to be proud of his career milestone. But what is more impressive is that he broke these records multiple times, so he can beat them with ease.

Curry’s 2974 hat could fetch up to $500,000 at auction

The 2974 Collection was designed by Andrea McDonald, a recent college graduate. It reproduces the iconic image of each made three-pointer, including the game date and location. Curry recently announced an equity agreement with cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Curry Equity holders may receive memorabilia, tickets to games, and early access to Curry Brand limited edition items in the future. These hats could reach $500,000 or even more at auction.

A hat and jersey from the night of Curry’s 2974th career game at MSG could fetch up to $500,000 at auction.2974 and counting hat A game ball from the game may fetch even higher. Curry’s jersey and hat could sell for thousands of dollars, but he has not announced any plans to sell official Curry memorabilia. Curry’s 2974 and counting hat could fetch as much as $5000 at auction.

The hat is part of a collection that honors the NBA’s all-time leader in three-pointers. The collection also includes one NFT for every three-pointer that Curry has made. The collection also includes a storyboard by Floyd Norman that captures special moments in Curry’s career. And Curry’s 2974 and counting hat could fetch up to $500,000 at auction.

In addition to his hat, Curry will gift 300 NFTs to people throughout his career. Davidson University, community friends, teammates, and rivals will get their NFTs from him. Those 300 NFTs are then auctioned at a charity event. Curry’s foundation has already provided meals to needy children in Oakland, renovated local recreation centers, and built a basketball court.

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