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Connecting Consciousness is an initiative initiated by simonparkes org Parkes, a former british politician who served a full term in office. His deep spiritual awareness and access to sources of information made him an excellent choice to initiate the initiative. However, you should not just take his word for it. It is important to look beyond what he says and check out the other resources that he suggests. For instance, his website includes a comprehensive list of books, articles, and other materials about Parkes.

Connecting Consciousness

Connecting Consciousness is a free membership organization that helps people discover their true spirituality and find ways to live in a more meaningful way. The organization is located in many countries, and is made up of thousands of members. simonparkes org Parkes is a former British politician who served a full term in office. He has a keen spiritual awareness, and is able to draw on a wide range of sources for information.

The CC group meets monthly and shares ideas, talents, and gifts. They also share spiritual practices, healing, and resources with other CC groups. The aim is to raise awareness and create a global spiritual community, and to do this through connecting with people who are already part of the group. The group is not a political movement, but a spiritual movement that wishes to help the world.

Simon Parkes

simonparkes org is an influential figure in the world of psychics. As a city councilman in Whitby, England, he made a lot of bizarre claims. One such claim was that he had a direct link to Q. In addition to his many claims, he also claimed that he was certain Trump would win a second term. However, this was not true. Parkes later retracted his claims and started a new organization.

Simon Parkes is a councillor from Whitby, North Yorkshire. He claims to have had extraterrestrial and interdimensional encounters. He claims to have been the first soul to inhabit a human body, and has seen many different types of aliens. Parkes’ grandfather was a high-ranking Freemason and a British ambassador to the UN in the 1950s. The story first came to light in 2010, when Parkes decided to go public. Since then, he has faced a backlash from the establishment media.

While Parkes’ intentions are noble, his obsession with prediction kills his credibility. His motivations aren’t clear, and he has a vested interest in the outcome of the crisis. He is also associated with CC Turkey and Robert David Steele, two individuals with a vested interest in how the crisis plays out. This is a recipe for disaster. So, while Parkes’ intentions are admirable, they do not align with ethics and morality.

In addition to his efforts to connect consciousness, Parkes’ life was threatened by a violent killer on the ship. The convicted killer, Allan Grimson, worked on the ship HMS Illustrious and was later sentenced to life in prison. Fortunately, Parkes’ family has been able to find him. The convicted killer, Allan Grimson, also served on the same ship and was convicted of murdering two young sailors. One of them was simonparkes org Parkes’ best friend.

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The author and psychic simonparkes org Parkes has a blog that explains many things about the universe. His grandfather, a former espionage agent, was a member of the British government’s foreign intelligence service. His grandfather was also an associate of the Central Intelligence Agency, and once turned down a knighthood in India to go into espionage. He has experienced UFOs and has been invited to a secret space radar base.

Simon Parkes, a councillor in Whitby, North Yorkshire, claims to have many encounters with extraterrestrials. He says he has had sex with an alien disguised as a holographic Fry’s Turkish Delight advert. Parkes’ wife has reacted negatively to the Zarka story. But the truth is much more sinister: he claims to have sexual relations with an alien named “Cat Queen” four times a year.

Parkes’s disappearance

In 1986, a British leading seaman from the Royal Navy went missing in Gibraltar. Parkes was serving aboard the HMS Illustrious when he went missing. He had recently come off shore leave and was on shore leave in Gibraltar. While on shore leave, Parkes disappeared. What happened to him? Who is responsible for his disappearance? And why is there no public inquiry into his disappearance?

Police have said they do not know who simonparkes org Parkes is. He was last seen on 12th December 1986, outside the Hole in the Wall pub. Police have said that they have received calls containing vital information, but have received no leads. The family has been in denial since Simon’s disappearance, but they are not giving up. They are desperate to find out what happened to their son. The search for Simon Parkes will continue even if no body is found.

A UK citizen, Parkes went missing thirty-five years ago, while serving on a ship in Gibraltar. He left his passport and other belongings on board, but never returned. His last known location was a pub called the Horseshoe Bar. After drinking and socialising with friends, he left them to return to his boat. He never returned. There have been countless theories about what happened to Parkes.

Police in Gibraltar are investigating a connection between Parkes’ disappearance and another man who served on the same ship. The suspect, Allan Grimson, was found guilty of murdering two men, Nicholas Wright and Sion Jenkins, on the same date. Allan Grimson will be released on parole in December, and police are looking for any new clues that can point to his involvement in Parkes’ disappearance.

Parkes’ foundation

The foundation was established to help the families of missing British seaman Simon Parkes. Parkes, a leader of the Royal Navy, went missing in Gibraltar in 1986 while on shore leave. simonparkes org His disappearance sparked interest in the case, especially after it was discovered that convicted murderer Allan Grimson was working on the ship. It’s not entirely clear what happened to Parkes, but there is a strong possibility that he was murdered.

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