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Raw Confessions – How to Read Raw Confessions Anonymously

by Time Project
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Rules for posting anonymously

There are some rules that you should follow when posting raw confessions anonymously. The first rule is to use a real IP address. This is important because it can help the website identify abusive users, and it can catch those who fabricate confessions. Sadly, many people do this, so posting anonymously on the site can open a user up to scrutiny.

Ways to read anonymously

If you want to read raw confessions anonymously, there are a few different ways to do it. The first way is to avoid using an IP blocking service. These programs can be detected by the site’s software and ban you if they find them. If you have been using such a program, you’ll need to remove it from your browser or install a new one in order to continue reading.

Rob Roberge’s writing style

Rob Roberge’s writing style for his memoirs is nonlinear and characterized by short, vignettes. The result is a book that’s filled with a buzzing energy and tangled lines. As a rock star with a deep passion for music, his writing style is as authentic as his music.

The writing style of his book is also refreshingly personal. While most memoirists rely on a first-person narrator to get their story across, Roberge writes from the second-person point of view, turning the reader into himself. This style allows him to get close to his subject, raw confessions while also giving the reader some distance.

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