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Pinocchio Comes Home on Blu-Ray, DVD, & Digital HD Today FULL Of Bonus Features!

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Human Development is excited to release its latest e-News, HD TODAY. In this edition, we bring you insights from our research and outreach work as well as stories about some of our recent accomplishments. Looking for ways to improve your development work? Check out our latest e-News for insights from our research and outreach work. We’ll share stories about some of our recent accomplishments and highlight some of the ways in which we’re helping to transform global development.

What is Human Development?

Human Development (HD) is a global development research and outreach organization with offices in over 60 countries. HD’s mission is to improve the lives of people everywhere by providing impartial, evidence-based knowledge and resources that help people build their full potential.

In its work, HD draws on a broad range of disciplines, including sociology, economics, health sciences, education, law, and anthropology. In addition to its own research analysts and experts, HD collaborates with partners from academia, civil society organizations, the private sector, and governments around the world.

HD’s flagship publication is the annual Human Development Report (HDR), which provides an overview of human well-being across achievement domains (e.g., economic security and quality of life; education; health; income, and social inclusion). The HDR also features country profiles and identifies trends across regions. Further information about HD can be found at www.human-development-report.org.

What does research and outreach at HD accomplish?

Research and outreach at Human Development accomplish a number of goals, including increasing public awareness about human development issues, connecting people with experts in the field, building relationships with funders, and facilitating collaborations between different stakeholders.

Public Awareness

HD’s research and outreach strive to increase public awareness about human development issues by providing information on HD’s website, social media platforms, and other outreach materials. In addition, HD engages in partnership activities with various organizations that aim to raise awareness about human rights and global poverty.

Connection With Experts

HD’s research and outreach strive to connect people with experts in the field by hosting events, presenting papers at conferences, working with university partners, and collaborating with other national agencies. This connection allows experts to share their knowledge with a larger audience and helps people learn more about human development issues.

Building Relationships With Funders

HD’s research and outreach seek to build relationships with funders by developing proposals that address specific needs or gaps in knowledge related to human development. By doing this, HD can identify potential funding sources that will support its work in the field. In addition, HD works to foster collaboration between different stakeholders so that they can better advocate for their interests when dealing with funders.

How can you get involved?

There is never a dull moment in the world of human development research, which is why we are so excited to be partnering with HD TODAY. In this edition of HD TODAY e-NEWS, we highlight some recent insights from our work across the globe.

First, we have a great article on how poverty can impact children’s growth and development. This piece looks at findings from the “Human Development Report 2016”, which examines how well different groups of people are doing around the world. Spoiler alert: not all groups are doing equally well!

In another article, we explore what adolescents need to thrive during their teenage years. We discuss topics such as self-esteem, identity formation, and sexual health- something that is important for everyone but especially important for young people who are just starting to develop into their own person.

Finally, in this edition of HD TODAY e-NEWS we share an interview with Dr. Jody Heymann from Harvard University about her work on adolescent girls and HIV/ AIDS activism. hd today Dr. Heymann has been working on HIV prevention interventions specifically tailored for adolescent girls for over 10 years now and her efforts have yielded some promising results. Get involved!

What are some recent projects?

In recent years, Human Development’s Research & Outreach has focused on a number of important projects. These include:

1. The MDGs: A New Frontier for Human Development?

In 2012, the world celebrated the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)—a global initiative to reduce poverty and improve human development by 2015. Although the MDGs have been successful in many ways, hd today they have also faced some criticism. One of the main issues is that they are only short-term goals, and there is a need for more long-term commitments if progress is to be made in all areas of human development.

Human Development’s Research & Outreach has been working on a project aimed at addressing this challenge. Called “The Future of Human Development: A Long-term Vision,” the project will create a comprehensive vision for human development that takes into account both short- and long-term considerations. It will also provide guidance for human development policymaking over the next ten to twenty years. The aim is to help ensure that humanity continues making progress towards its shared goals—even as new challenges emerge.

2. Promoting Gender Equality in Education

Another key focus for Human Development’s Research & Outreach has been promoting gender equality in education. This includes work on developing best practices for improving gender parity in education, monitoring the implementation of policies related to gender equality in education, and providing support to school communities around the world who are striving to achieve gender parity in their classrooms.

How do you know if Human Development is the right place for you?

Human Development is committed to providing our students with opportunities to gain the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in a variety of careers. We offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs that focus on human development, including psychology, sociology, public health, education, and counseling.

We also have a strong research program that investigates the effects of social policies on human development. HD today, Our faculty members are leaders in their field, and they use cutting-edge methods to explore the effects of poverty, violence, and environmental factors on human development.

If you want to be a part of the Human Development community, consider applying to our school. hd today You will find our admissions process challenging but rewarding, and our students are some of the most talented and innovative professionals in the world.


Today’s article is all about insights from Human Development’s Research & Outreach team. We’ve gathered some of our favorite research articles and highlighted why they are so important, as well as provided a few resources for you to explore further. Keep up the great work HRD!

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