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Pigging Ball Valves and Sphere Pigs

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The pigging ball valve is an integral part of the process of pigging oil wells. It helps prevent the loss of valuable oil in an oil well, and allows for more efficient operations. Hartmann’s invention was awarded the Primus Award and is now under patent. This new valve also features multiple safety barriers.


The SSBV pigging ball valve is a three-way, piggable diverter valve. This valve allows non-obstructed product transfer between two selectable positions, such as a pipeline and a storage tank. It provides optimum liquid product recovery efficiency. It also makes pigging easier and safer. A hygienic pig can be passed through the valve to recover up to 99.5% of the product. SSBV pigging ball valves are available for a variety of processes, including pipeline, process, and process systems that do not involve pigging.

A full bore ball valve lends itself to pigging because its inlet and outlet ports are virtually parallel. This allows the pig to pass through the valve unobstructed, while at the same time cleaning the bore of the valve. In addition, Hartmann Valves pigging ball valves are designed to rotate 90 degrees for pig insertion and removal.

Full bore ball valve

A full bore ball valve is an excellent option for pigging a pipeline because of its parallel bore and no difference in the inlet and outlet ports. This allows the pig to pass through without interference and cleans the bore. Moreover, this valve also features an auto pig stop, which can automatically close a pigging system.

In addition, this valve also features multiple safety barriers in the sluice room. These features ensure the safety of the pigging process, simplifying the process and maximizing safety. The valve also features a separate sluice room closure and two extra seat rings to prevent leaks. Furthermore, the valves feature pressure gauges to monitor the fluid pressure in the sluice room.

A full bore ball valve has a larger ball than a reduced port valve, which is necessary for pipeline pigging. These valves are bigger and more expensive than standard port ball valves, but they are essential for pipeline pigging, where free flow is required. The valves can be used for many applications.

Besides pigging, full bore ball valves minimize pressure loss. A ball valve must be fully open or closed, and a ball valve with uneven pressure may cause the valve seat to become malformed, increasing the risk of leaks. Besides being easy to open and close, full bore ball valves can be used for applications that require tight shut off.

Sphere pigs

Sphere pigs are a useful tool for the separation and batching of products within a pipeline. Their ease of operation and automatic launching systems make them an excellent choice for this task. However, the amount of differential pressure that these pigs require is of utmost importance for safety reasons.

The spherical shape of the pig is an advantage in natural gas pipelines. Their spherical shape allows them to negotiate bends of short radius. They are also available in a variety of sizes, from a single piece to a six-foot-long cylinder. Some come with built-in magnets for detection and control. During the pigging process, the sphere pigs are released one at a time or can be loaded multiple times.

While spherical pigs are an effective way to remove liquids from natural gas pipelines, they are less effective at removing solids from the pipe walls. Spheres are also more prone to losing their seal in wyes, elbows, and tees. As a result, they should be used for pipelines where the materials being tested are liquid rich.

Sphere pigs have many applications, including pipeline cleaning and gauging. They are also ideal for batching. They are made of URETHANE, and are available with either URETHANE BUFFERS or URETHANE LINING.

Foam pigs

Foam pigs on pigging balls are generally made of polyurethane foam. These products are available in various densities and can be molded in one piece. These products are light and easy to handle. However, they have a short lifespan when compared to urethane pigs. Therefore, when choosing a foam pig, you should consider the cost of ownership.

Foam pigs are also available in different shapes. They can be cylindrical, spherical, or multi-diameter. Some of these products are coated, allowing them to protect themselves from damage during cleaning. Others have bristles, brushes, or carbide surfaces.

Piggable systems can save products and eliminate the need for line flushing. They are also useful for sweeping away buildup that can build up inside a pipe. Additionally, they can be used to determine the effective internal diameter of a pipe. In addition to saving products, they also help to avoid costly downtime because they do not require extensive line flushing.

A foam pig on a pigging ball is a versatile device for cleaning pipelines. It can be used in batching operations, drying operations, cleaning, and product removal. Its versatility also allows it to negotiate complex piping. Foam pigs are available with different densities and can even be coated with abrasive wire mesh.

Disc pigs

The R-Pro line of discs offers softer grip, better feel, and great flexibility. Discs in this line are perfect for putt and approach shots, especially in cold/wet conditions. In fact, the R-Pro line holds the Distance World Record. This line is also softer than most Pro blends, making it the ideal disc for the cold/wet conditions.

The disc is shaped with a flat center 38 and an outer peripheral surface 40 that is concentric with the center. Inside, it features a cylindrical inner portion 42 of selected, generally uniform thickness. The inner portion also has holes 44 for attachment to the pipeline body. The inner portion extends in a plane perpendicular to the longitudinal axis 14 and pipeline body.

Another type of disc pig is the Foam Disc Pig. This type has a polyurethane foam body with circular grooves. The grooves are coated with polyurethane elastomer, which improves the wiping action and wear resistance of the discs. Foam Disc Pigs can be configured with a cable or pulling rope for easy insertion and removal.

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