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Olens Falling Choco (Monthly x 2 pieces) – iEyeBeauty

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falling choco

Olens Falling Choco is a monthly x 2 pieces beauty box that sends high-quality, affordable Korean cosmetics to your door. All of the products in the box are made in South Korea and have a minimum purchase requirement of $40 USD. Each Olens Falling Choco box contains 6-8 full-size and deluxe samples of Korean beauty brands, including skincare, makeup, hair products, and more. If you’re looking for an affordable and high-quality subscription box that delivers great Korean beauty products right to your door, Olens Falling Choco is definitely worth checking out!

How does Olens Falling Choco work?

Olens Falling Choco is a monthly subscription box that sends you x pieces of chocolates. The chocolates are made with quality ingredients and they come in different flavors.
The best part about Olens Falling Choco is that you get to choose the type of chocolate you want. If you are someone who loves trying new flavors, this subscription box is perfect for you! You can also customize your box to include different types of chocolates such as hazelnut, pistachio, or pumpkin.
Another great thing about Olens Falling Choco is that it comes with a free gift every month. This means that not only do you get delicious chocolates, but you also get something special to enjoy!
If you are looking for a unique way to celebrate your love of chocolate, Olens Falling Choco is the subscription box for you!

Benefits of Olens Falling Choco

When it comes to chocolate, Olens Falling Choco tops the list. This artisan chocolatier creates an indulgent and luxurious experience with each bite. Olens Falling Choco is made with a variety of unique and mouth-watering flavors that will leave you wanting more. Here are just some of the benefits of trying Olens Falling Choco:

-Variety: Olens Falling Choco is loaded with different flavors, so you’re sure to find one that you love.

-Taste: Each flavor is distinct and incredibly delicious.

-Nutrition: Olens Falling Choco is made with high-quality chocolate, so you’re getting all of the nutrients your body needs.

-Satisfaction: Once you try Olens Falling Choco, you’ll be hooked for life!

How to use Olens Falling Choco?

If you’re looking for a delicious and indulgent treat to enjoy every month, look no further than Olens Falling Choco! This sweet soft chocolate is perfect for any occasion and can be enjoyed simply as a snack or incorporated into your favorite desserts or drinks. Simply break off pieces of the choco and enjoy while it’s still fresh.

Olens Falling Choco comes in a monthly subscription box, so you can never have too much of this delicious chocolate. Plus, it’s also great for those who want to try different flavors each month without committing to a large purchase. If you’re not sure whether this chocolate is right for you, we recommend trying out a small piece first to see how you like it.

Where to buy Olens Falling Choco?

Looking for a delicious way to treat yourself each month, look no further than Olens Falling Choco! This chocolate subscription box will send you a fresh batch of x pieces of premium chocolate every month. With all the different flavors to choose from, there is sure to be something for everyone. Plus, since this is a monthly subscription, you always have something new and exciting waiting for you. So what are you waiting for? Start your subscription today!


Olens Falling Choco is an amazing Monthly x 2 pieces. It comes with a box that has a mirror and an Olens brush inside so you can apply the product easily without spilling it. You also get 3 applicators, which is really helpful! The choco falls slowly from the sky to give you a natural and gradual tan that’s perfect for all skin tones.

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