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Mexican Restaurantes Mexicanos in New York

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Mexican Restaurantes Mexicanos in New York

When you visit restaurantes mexicanos New York, you are likely to be greeted by the aroma of spicy and smoky Mexican food. Taqueria Sinaloense is one exception to this rule, located near the California border. This restaurant specializes in tacos called canasta, which are fried in olive oil and topped with cheese, chorizo, camarones, and other ingredients inspired by the coastal regions of Sinaloa.

El Pueblo Mexican Restaurant

If you are looking for a great Mexican restaurant that has a warm, cozy atmosphere, you should try El Pueblo. The restaurant offers delicious Mexican fare such as arroz con pollo and chicken.restaurantes mexicanos You will also find delicious margaritas. You can order food in advance and have it delivered or picked up later. If you are looking for Mexican food in Winter Park, El Pueblo is the perfect choice.

El Cerro Grande

When dining in El Cerro Grande, you should try one of the many Mexican restaurants in the area. While you might not be expecting to find a fine dining experience, you can find casual Mexican restaurants here. You can enjoy enchiladas, tacos, margaritas, and more! restaurantes mexicanos Some of the best Mexican cuisine in the area is available right here! But, you have to take note of a few things before you go out to eat!

There are several options to choose from at this Wilmington, North Carolina restaurant.restaurantes mexicanos The restaurant offers a variety of choices including a speedy Gonzalez that comes with a delicious enchilada and rice. Other options include sizzling fajitas and buffalo chicken salad. The friendly, professional staff, and excellent food are reasons to choose El Cerro Grande. Its business casual dress code is another major plus. You can also take out food if you prefer.

One of the most popular meals at El Cerro Grande is the Huevos Ranchero,restaurantes mexicanos made with two eggs, red sauce, and rice. You can also order grilled chicken, ribeye, spinach, or spinach to go with your meal. The chicken preparations here come with rice, melted cheese, and Pico de Gallo. The whole meal is just under $15!

La Morada

This cozy Oaxacan restaurant serves a variety of traditional Mexican dishes. restaurantes mexicanos Casually decorated with colorful murals, it is the perfect place to dine with family or friends. A full bar is available. Reservations are not necessary. Casual dining is the best option. Oaxacan food is the specialty of this restaurant. Its owners take pride in serving fresh, local ingredients. There is a daily special.

In addition to its delicious Mexican food, La Morada’s chef has a passion for helping others. His dishes have a home-cooked, warm taste. restaurantes mexicanos The owner frequently checks on his customers and ferrys cinnamon tea during meals. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s also a popular spot for family reunions. And for special occasions, the restaurant offers a beautiful dining room.

As part of their mission to empower undocumented youth, the restaurant is also a cultural center. It hosts immigration advocacy, events, and lectures, and has a library with books on Mesopotamian mythology, George Orwell, and Boethius. The cafe also displays art pieces and silky sauces. And the restaurant itself is a community hub. But why is La Morada so special?

Taqueria de La Esquina

Sceney Mexican spot with no frills taqueria, cafe, and exclusive basement brasserie. There’s a tequila bar, too. The food is fresh, simple, and tasty, with a modern twist. It has a good selection of tequila and is a great place for a group outing. But if you’re looking for a more intimate Mexican dining experience, try another Mexican spot in this swanky district.

Located in the heart of downtown Miami, the newest Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood will feature a variety of authentic dishes. Tacos will be served with meat or vegetables, and tacos will be stuffed with chicken or beef. The savory fillings are topped with cheddar cheese, green chile, and even a fried egg. Tacos are made to order, and the restaurant will offer house-made aqua frescas and Mexican beers. It will also serve grilled corn and rice.

The owners of La Esquina, which opened on West 55th Street in 2005, have announced plans to open a fast-casual branch in Midtown. The restaurant will have around 55 seats, including a 24 person counter. This will be the third location of the trendy Mexican mini-chain, which also operates the popular Cafe de la Esquina in Williamsburg. For those in the area, this is the place to visit.


Since opening in Koreatown in 1994, Guelaguetza restaurantes Mexicanos have become a Los Angeles institution. Featuring Oaxacan food, the restaurant has been a cultural nexus for generations. Fernando Lopez Mateos came to the United States from Mexico and sold his cooking to Oaxacans. He later returned to Mexico to open Pink Burger, a place where you can still find authentic Oaxacan food.

The name Guelaguetza derives from the region where the food is grown. In 1993, Fernando Lopez, Sr., emigrated from Oaxaca to Los Angeles with his family’s recipes for mole. He spent a year selling Oaxacan foods in Los Angeles before opening Guelaguetza. After a year of successful business, he was awarded the coveted Premio de Oro.

There are six varieties of mole sauces at Guelaguetza. Guests can choose from savory mole amarillo, herbaceous mole verde, or classic mole negro. Each dish is prepared with a different sauce, so you can experiment with the flavors and try as many as you’d like. Once you’ve tasted the moles, you’ll want to return for more.

La Casita Mexicana

If you’re in the mood for a great Mexican meal, then look no further than La Casita Mexicana restaurante. Located in South Los Angeles, this restaurant serves Tex-Mex fare at affordable prices. The restaurant’s striking exterior features Spanish tiles and stained glass windows, and the walls are a brilliant orange and blue. restaurantes mexicanos You’ll be greeted with complimentary tortilla chips and three unique moles, so you can try one or all three. Other specialty items include stuffed poblano peppers, Tex-Mex chicken, and candied cactus.

Until recently, the restaurant only served fish during Lent. But this was changed when the Arvizu and del Campo opened and added fish to the regular menu. Today, customers can enjoy dishes like green ceviche, shrimp with mezcal, and fish filet in a zucchini blossom. Entrées are served with a soup of the day, which may include a tortilla soup with herbs and shredded cheese. Drinks include a semi-sweet lemonade with tiny chia seeds. Fresh guava and eggno are available as desserts. For breakfast, chilaquiles and mole poblanos are served.

La Casita Mexicana in Soho

The Mexican restaurant in Soho, La Casita, is a great spot for Tex-Mex food. The restaurant has a menu with a range of spicy dishes, including steaks and chicken taquitos. There are also lots of great drink choices, including a cocktail menu with over 100 drinks to choose from. Aside from Tex-Mex food, La Casita also serves a range of cocktails.

El Cerro Grande in Wilmington, North Carolina

If you are looking for authentic Mexican food in Wilmington, North Carolina, you may want to try El Cerro Grande. restaurantes mexicanos It is one of the oldest Mexican restaurants in Wilmington and has been serving the community with delicious food for more than two decades. The restaurant’s business-casual attire sets the tone for its atmosphere and makes it easy to feel comfortable and at ease while dining here. Fortunately, the restaurant also offers takeout services if you’re in a hurry.

This family-run business opened its first location in Wilmington in 1991, and now there are ten in the area.restaurantes mexicanos The Wilmington location was the first location of the company, and it quickly gained a loyal following. The restaurant’s ambiance has helped it become a Wilmington institution. In addition to serving authentic Mexican food, it also features a full bar and is located near several convenient public parking lots.

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