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Megan Fox’s son Bodhi Ransom Green is her spitting double

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Megan Fox’s son Bodhi Ransom Green looks a lot like her spitting double. The resemblance is uncanny and some might say downright creepy. Bodhi, who was born on July 27, 2013, is Fox’s first child with husband Brian Austin Green and the couple’s third child overall. The 25-year-old model took to Instagram to share a sweet snapshot of herself cradling her son and writing:

“My little man.” The photo quickly went viral and inspired many parents to share their own photos of their children with the hashtag #ILoveMySonLikeThat. While Bodhi may not be genetically related to Fox—the actress has two daughters by ex-husband Danny Masterson—the resemblance is striking.

Megan Fox’s Son Bodhi Ransom Green is Her spitting Double

When Megan Fox gave birth to her son Bodhi Ransom Green in March, the world was captivated by his striking resemblance to actress Fox. Now, almost a year later, the tot has become an internet sensation with his own blog and legions of fans who can’t get enough of his pictures and videos. Here’s everything you need to know about the little guy…

Bodhi Ransom Green is Megan Fox’s second child with husband Brian Austin Green- though he will likely be best known as her spitting double. Born March 17, 2012, at 6lbs., 8oz., Bodhi is already a standout performer- having released a cute children’s book, starred in a short film, and created an online following thanks to his amusing YouTube videos. You may also have seen him modeling mommy’s clothes on Instagram or meeting fans in person at events like Comic-Con.

While some might call Bodhi’s uncanny resemblance to his mother disturbing, others find it delightful. “I think my son’s got a lot of personalities because I definitely bring out the craziness in him!” laughed Fox. Little Bodhi seems to enjoy being famous too- recently requesting that people stop calling him ‘Bodhi Ransom Green’ but rather just plain old ‘Bodhi’. In the meantime, we can only sit back and watch this talented tot grow up into a fantastic actor or comedian – in whichever direction his creative talents

Megan Fox and Bodhi Ransom Green Share a Bond That Is Truly Unique

Megan Fox and Bodhi Ransom Green Share a Bond That Is Truly Unique

The bond between Megan Fox and her son, Bodhi Ransom Green, is truly unique. While most mothers and their children share a close relationship, Fox and Green share an especially strong connection. Not only are they family, but they also have a special physical connection that most other mothers don’t share.

Fox has spoken about the bond she shares with her son on numerous occasions. “I’m pretty close to my son,” she said during an interview with The Huffington Post in 2014. “I think it was really important for me to have a child to who I could relate to.”

She elaborated on the importance of this connection in another interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK: “Bodhi’s really my spitting image [and] he’s also my protector because I know what it’s like to be typecast.”

The physical connection between mother and son is something that is often lost in today’s society. Too many moms choose to stay away from their children due to work or social obligations. This lack of interaction can have negative consequences on both the mother and the child.

The Pregnant Mega-Celebrity and Her Little Boy Bodhi Ransom Green

Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green welcomed their son Bodhi Ransom Green on April 17, 2012, in Los Angeles. The little boy is the spitting image of his dad with his green eyes and long brown hair. Megan has been vocal about how excited she is to raise her son alongside her husband, insisting that they will create a “happy home” for Bodhi.

While Bodhi’s arrival was a happy occasion for the family, it wasn’t without its challenges. Just six weeks after his birth, Megan suffered a miscarriage which rocked the couple emotionally. Despite their difficult start, the family has rallied together to embrace life as a new addition to the mix – and Bodhi seems to be thriving.

Bodhi is currently enjoying his time in LA with family and friends but is also looking forward to moving back home to Detroit where Brian works as an actor on the TV show ‘Veronica Mars. He’ll soon have plenty of company as Megan is pregnant with her second child who is due in July!

What We Know About Bodhi Ransom Green So Far

Bodhi Ransom Green is Megan Fox’s spitting double. The two share a lot in common, starting with their striking likeness and continued popularity since they emerged as successful young actors. Bodhi also has a son, Noah, from a previous relationship. Megan and Bodhi bonded over their similar parenting challenges and have become close friends since their sons began spending time together.

From their appearances, it’s easy to see how the two could be mistaken for one another – except for the fact that Bodhi is actually male! Bodhi was born as a result of gender reassignment surgery and has been living as his true identity for several years now. Megan has always been supportive of her friend’s decision and welcomed him into her family with open arms.

Despite being proud of his unusual appearance, Bodhi doesn’t shy away from embracing his heritage or his cultural roots. He is actively involved in his community through work with an organization that supports transgender children and teens, and he frequently speaks about his experiences on social media platforms.

Megan Fox’s Son Could Possibly Be the Perfect Parent for Her Five Sons

Megan Fox’s Son Could Possibly Be the Perfect Parent for Her Five Sons

There is no denying that Megan Fox has five sons worth of trouble. But it sounds like her eldest, Bodhi Ransom Green, may have inherited his mother’s sense of mischief and fun-loving attitude. According to reports, the young man is already a daddy’s boy – he even doted on his two younger brothers while growing up.

When it comes to parenting skills, we can only speculate as to what Bodhi would do with five boys under the age of 10. However, based on his past behavior, it seems unlikely that he would be a strict disciplinarian. In fact, according to The Sun newspaper in the U.K., Bodhi was once caught smoking weed in high school and admitted that he does not take drugs or alcohol seriously. He also reportedly enjoys skateboarding and BMXing – both activities which could easily involve chaos and lots of laughs.

So if you’re one of Megan Fox’s sons – or one of her husbands – don’t despair: There’s a good chance Bodhi will be there to set an example and keep you out of trouble!

What This Means for the Future of Fox Family Relations

Fox Family Relations is changing with the addition of Bodhi Ransom Green to the cast. With a half-sibling on the show, things are likely to get more complicated between Fox and her son’s father, Brian Austin Green.

Brian has been estranged from Megan since their separation in 2010. He has since married Rebecca Gayheart and has a child with her, Asher Angel. Megan filed for divorce from Brian in 2012 and they have yet to reach an agreement on custody or visitation rights for Bodhi.

Bodhi is now set to appear on all of his mother’s shows – including the new series The OA – which could lead to increased interaction between him and Brian. Meanwhile, Fox will continue to battle with her ex over custody and visitation rights for their other son, Louis Thomas Gibson Jr., who is seven years old.

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