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Magnetic Reading Glasses Changed My Life. Here’s My Story

by Time Project
Magnetic Reading Glasses Changed My Life. Here’s My Story

I feel like I’ve grown another arm or leg around my neck. CLIC is an acronym for CliC. CliCs has made me want to eliminate my other seven pairs of glasses, which have all disappeared.

“Click to close” is becoming less common as the only instruction for a new pair of magnetic reading glasses. Ron Lando, who made CliCs, has thought of everything else. Most of these features can’t be seen by staring at a picture, so all you have to do is wrap the CliCs around your head and “CliC” them over your eyes. Here are some things that shocked me.


I could see better with the CliCs than with any other glasses. It was love at first sight for me. The lens strength hasn’t changed in a long time. The only thing that made a difference was how sharp it was. This high-quality polycarbonate is not even in my expensive prescription lenses.


Yes, you can wear CliCs around your neck, but you can’t put them on a granny chain or a silicone tube. The top and bottom of CliCs are the same things: a loop of strong nylon made into one piece. When it’s shaped, nylon gives eyeglasses solid, semi-flexible support that’s great for putting on and taking off many times. When put under stress, plastic tends to break and wear down.


CliCs come in sizes that are tiny, small, and huge. If the magnetic reading glasses are too tight, you can stretch the metal extenders in the nylon parts of the arms.

The fit stretches by 3/4 of an inch on each side, so most women should be able to wear a small. If I do it that far, I stretch my lenses about two-thirds of the way down my nose to flirt with my eyes. If I make the length a little longer, the CliCs hang just over my nose. Because the frames aren’t sitting on my nose, I won’t get a red mark between my eyes from wearing glasses all day. CliCs is a great way to determine what fits you best based on your body type. Both the width and length of the size big are increased by an inch.

The fact that the closure was magnetic wasn’t a surprise. Earth magnets, sometimes known as neodymium magnets, are used. You might hear a satisfying click when two neodymium magnets touch. Even if your hands shake because of coffee jitters or another health problem, the magnets in the CliC glasses will help keep them steady.

Of course, you can’t lose them unless you take them off the bracelet. The good news is that this doesn’t come as a shock.


CliCs are so well-balanced that you won’t even notice they’re around your neck. CliCs are right in front of me, specifically around my neck.


No “cat eyes” yet, but CliCs also have round and rectangular shapes. This isn’t so much about the shape of these readers; it is about the different colors they come in, like tortoiseshell and black, tortoiseshell and transparent pink/green/orange, and even tie-dye colors. From my point of view, they’re hot!

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