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kof mugen wf orochi iori dreamform sula

Many children are probably spending more time at home due to the corona crisis, “kof mugen wf orochi iori dreamform sula”and more time playing games. Some parents may be worried that their children will stop studying by playing games all the time. Here are some tips on how to balance gaming and studying.

Why is it difficult to finish the game in the middle?

Nowadays, there are many games that can be enjoyed from an early age, and some parents may be worried about whether their child will be able to study after playing games all the time.”kof mugen wf orochi iori dreamform sula
The game has many elements to entertain the player, such as the story unfolding one after another, new weapons can be obtained, and events specified on the day of the week and time. Also, when you’re playing with friends, it can be difficult to find the right time to finish.

I’m a little worried that even though my child is working on his homework, he can’t concentrate because he’s worried about the continuation of the game. Also, looking at the game screen for a long time can lead to vision loss. Playing late into the night can also lead to sleep deprivation.”kof mugen wf orochi iori dreamform sula”
What kind of method is there for coexisting “game” and “study” that will be together for a long time from now on?

Create rules to keep a balance between playing games and studying

As long as you do your homework properly, you shouldn’t have any problems playing games. The point is that it should be balanced. For that reason, it is recommended to make rules for games and studies.

set aside time to play

It is a method of dividing by time, “kof mugen wf orochi iori dreamform sula” such as “games are up to 1 hour a day” and “games are played from 0:00 to 0:00” . Parents can call out or use a timer.
When you become conscious of time, you will also acquire a sense of time management.

Make long-term plans for your game

Role-playing games and city-building games are difficult to divide by time. Make a long-term plan , such as “I’ve made it this far this week .

Playing on home video game consoles instead of smartphone games

When playing smartphone games, you may end up spending time on things other than games via the Internet.
With a home video game console, you can concentrate on the game, so you can avoid the risk of continuing to linger on the internet .

Limit where you play

If you limit the place where you play the game to the living room, etc., you will be able to become conscious of the place.
If you are in the habit of playing games in your room, it will be difficult to draw a line between study time and study time when you grow up. It’s a good idea to decide from an early age that “this is the place to play games” .“kof mugen wf orochi iori dreamform sula”

Make them understand that staying up late is bad for their health

If you are absorbed in the game and stay up late for a long time, your sleep time will decrease and it may lead to poor physical condition. Excessive daytime sleepiness can affect learning. Make sure your child understands that staying up late affects the next day’s activities and is bad for their health .

Parents keep game consoles while studying

When you’re studying, it’s hard to concentrate when you have a game console in sight or within reach. It will be easier for you to concentrate on your studies if you decide that your parents will take care of the game console while you study .

Play with friends after studying

If you’re going to play games with friends, it’s a good idea to finish studying with them before playing . I tell my friends that “our rule is to study before playing games,” and get them involved. You will be able to work on your studies without worrying that your friends are waiting for you.

In any case, it is important that the parents do not force or forcibly take up the game, but rather discuss it with the child and establish the rules . Understand that children have their own circumstances, and find a line that you can both agree on.

The game is good too. Think of it as a way to manage your time

For parents, games can be seen as a great enemy of study, but for children, they are an important means of communication with friends. Also, thinking carefully to advance the story and doing research to capture the game will be useful for studying later.
When dividing by time, parents should know what kind of games their child enjoys.”kof mugen wf orochi iori dreamform sula”

In a world where games and the Internet have spread so much, it is difficult to just regulate games. Making game rules is an opportunity to encourage children to think about their own lives and act better. After having a good discussion with your child, try to enjoy the game and balance it with your studies.

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