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kof mugen starlight glimmer vs robo-mukai

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kof mugen starlight glimmer vs robo-mukai

“MOBA” is an abbreviation for multiplayer online battle, “kof mugen starlight glimmer vs robo-mukai”and is a game genre in which teams are divided into teams to control bases. With many famous titles such as “League of Legends (LoL)”, it is a popular genre with a very large player population worldwide.

As a member of the team, you must choose your actions while watching the battle situation, and fight strategically using your brain. Victory or defeat is determined by one’s own ability and teamwork. We will introduce what is the most popular game genre, recommended game titles, and basic terms!

What are MOBAs? A base control game where teams cooperate and fight

MOBA is an online battle game in which players are divided into 3vs3 or 5vs5 teams and cooperate with allied teams to attack the bases of the enemy team and aim for control. Players control only one character and aim for victory by fighting strategically with allied characters according to the battle situation. Abbreviation for Multiplayer online battle arena, a genre derived from RTS (real-time strategy). “kof mugen starlight glimmer vs robo-mukai

RTS is a game genre famous for “StarCraft II”, “WarCraft III”, etc., where one player operates multiple characters and aims to control the base of the enemy team. If you want to know more about what kind of game genre it is, please see ” What is RTS? Recommended game titles “.

MOBA is not an individual competition where one player controls multiple characters like RTS, but multiple players control each character, so collaboration with team members is an essential element.
It is possible to create an advantageous situation in terms of battle situation by killing enemies, but it is interesting that it is not a game that you can win just because you killed a lot. It is a game genre that is attractive in that you can get closer to victory by looking over the entire situation according to the changing battle situation from the beginning, middle, and end, and uniting with your team members.

MOBA Recommended Game Title Ranking

Even if you want to start MOBA, there are many titles, so beginners tend to worry about which one to choose. Therefore, this time, E-Sports Net picked up recommended titles from popular titles and ranked them. We introduce the details and features of each game, so please use it as a reference to find the title that seems to suit you! “kof mugen starlight glimmer vs robo-mukai”

MOBA Recommended Game No. 1: “League of Legends”

“League of Legends (abbreviation: LoL)” is the most famous MOBA title in the world by Riot Games. It is so well known that “MOBA is LoL”, and it has established a solid position. As for the game system, you can choose from over 150 characters called “champions” in 5v5 team battles, and each of them will operate. At the beginning of the game, you will start at level 1, and you will have to grow your character in every possible way to fight enemies and take control of the base.

It’s interesting that all the levels are reset when the game is over, and every game is a completely different game. It’s not a game that keeps raising the character’s level, but only your own skills and abilities improve, so it’s rewarding that you can easily feel your own growth. Even if only one team member is strong, they cannot win. Team members must cooperate with each other to fight, so they aim for victory while “kof mugen starlight glimmer vs robo-mukai”communicating with each other. One of the attractions of this title is that the graphics are beautiful and the game balance is solid.

You may think it’s difficult at first, but since you have a goal of destroying the tower, you can manage to fight by keeping that in mind and cooperating with your team members. The matching system matches players of a similar skill level to each other, making it both approachable and intense. You need to think about how to grow and fight, and the game becomes even more fun as you improve your technical skills and become able to win.

Due to its wide range of tactics and deep system, it is attracting attention as an e-sports competition from all over the world. World tournaments are held frequently, and the tournament prize money is a top-level esports title. For a detailed explanation of esports, see What is esports? Recommended game titles .

lol esports

MOBA Recommended Game No. 2: “Pokémon Unite”

“Pokémon Unite” is a game title developed and operated by The Pokémon Company and Tencent Games. The basic rules and game system are similar to LoL, teams are formed in 5VS5, and players select and operate different Pokemon. The objective is to put the ball into the goal in the opponent’s territory and destroy it, and it’s the same as other MOBA titles that you can’t win just by defeating the enemy.

Roles are determined for each Pokémon, and they are divided into offensive, defensive, support, and balance types, and it is important to fight according to each role. In addition to normal attacks, Pokemon learn skills and unite moves by leveling up. It is a game that aims to win by cooperating with friends by making full use of the skills you have learned to turn the battle situation to your advantage. The strengths are that the rules are easy to understand, that even those who are playing this genre for the first time can enjoy playing, and that you can use friendly Pokemon.

LoL is a highly specialized game for those who want to keep improving their technique. For those who want to enjoy MOBA casually, we recommend starting with “Pokemon Unite”. The environment and map change every season, and the balance of the Pokémon’s strength also changes, so it’s also attractive that you can keep playing for a long time. The world tournament will be held for the first time in August 2022, and it is a title that is starting to attract attention as an esports competition, so I am looking forward to future developments. “kof mugen starlight glimmer vs robo-mukai”

MOBA Recommended Game No. 3: “Dota2”

“Dota 2” is a game title operated and developed by Valve. It is the same as other titles in that controlling the target point in 5VS5 will lead to victory, but the game time is about 30 to 90 minutes, and it is designed to be long among MOBAs with an average of 1 hour. LoL has an average of 30 minutes per game, and Pokemon Unite has 5 to 10 minutes per game, so compared to other games, it is “for those who want to take the time to fight each battle”.

The number of characters and items that can be used is large, and the more you learn, the more you can do. Compared to other titles, new players will appreciate the fact that you can use all characters without having to unlock them even if you are just starting out. Although the action is weak, the strategy is more important than anything else, and the more you master it, the more interesting it becomes.

At the 2019 World Tournament, it became a hot topic for the surprising total prize money of “3 billion yen”. There’s a reason why the prize money is so high, Dota 2 uses 25% of Battle Pass sales as tournament prize money. The battle pass has special rules, and the more sales of the battle pass, the more luxurious the items that users can get. It has the highest total prize money among esports competitions, and it is a title that MOBA players cannot miss because it is a large-scale global tournament.

MOBA Game No. 4: “Legendary Showdown -Arena of Valor-”

“Legendary Showdown -Arena of Valor-” is a game title developed by TiMi Studios and distributed by Tencent Games for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. It has been attracting attention as a “MOBA title that can be played on smartphones” and has exceeded 200 million downloads. It became so popular that it became a social phenomenon in China. It is a game that can be played on portable game consoles such as smartphones and Switch, but it is one of the titles that is attracting attention so much that world tournaments with prizes are held. The game system is almost the same as “LoL” and “Dota2”, but the graphics and UI are simplified in comparison, making it easier to understand. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for one game, so it’s for people who want to play casual and full-fledged MOBA.

The feature is that there are collaborations with other works, and so far, collaborations with popular works such as “One Punch Man” and “Sword Art Online” have been held. At the time of the collaboration, limited edition skins for Saitama and Genos from “One Punch Man” and Kirito and Asuna from “Sword Art Online” were introduced, creating a buzz. Being able to enjoy the possibility of characters from your favorite works appearing is a charm not found in other titles.

[Must-see for beginners! ] Explanation of basic terms of MOBA

There are many technical terms in MOBA, so if you start matching without knowing the meaning, you may get flustered because you do not understand the content of the chat. By playing after knowing the meaning of the terms, you can avoid such situations and deepen your understanding, so it’s a shortcut to progress. We will carefully select the terms “It is convenient to keep this in mind”, and briefly explain the meaning of basic MOBA terms that are not often heard!

Basic MOBA TerminologyGlossary
LANEA big road on a map. They are called Top lane, Middle lane, and Bottom lane in order from top, middle, and bottom. It is sometimes called Top, Mid, and Bot for short.
GankAn abbreviation of “Gang kill”, it has the meaning of killing one enemy with a large number of people. Mainly when characters controlled by the player are competing in lanes, it refers to defeating the character controlled by the enemy player by launching a surprise attack or pincer attack and taking advantage of the difference in the number of characters.
MIAAbbreviation for “Missing in Action”. I often chat when calling attention to allies when the enemy’s controlled character has disappeared from the lane. Use this when you need to be vigilant, as there is a possibility that the enemy is about to launch a surprise attack.
WardAn item that allows visibility. They are useful for keeping track of your enemies’ behavior, and when placed properly they give you more control over your game.
FarmIt refers to earning experience points and gold by avoiding battles with characters controlled by enemy players. It is effective for characters that demonstrate strength as they grow.
JungleThe forest that exists between Top and Mid and between Mid and Bot is called “Jungle”. Since there are neutral monsters and you can raise your level by hunting them, you can also call the role of raising the level in the jungle as Jungler.
Ult“Ultimate skill”. It is a so-called special move, and you can learn it by raising your level. For beginners, it is easier to contribute to the team by defeating minions and acquiring ults rather than defeating enemy players.
CampIt means staying in place for a long time. It is the act of staying in a specific place to apply pressure or to set up a gank.


MOBA is a game genre called “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena”. The goal is to form a team and overwhelm the enemy’s territory, and cooperation with team members is more important than defeating the enemy to win. It is a game genre that requires strategic actions and the fun of fighting with knowledge as a weapon, and is enthusiastic by players all over the world. Many game titles are used in eSports competitions, and the total prize money is larger than other genres, so you can see the high level of expectations and attention.  “kof mugen starlight glimmer vs robo-mukai”

Japan’s MOBA population is still small compared to overseas, but it is spreading little by little every year as new games are added. Since it is a game genre that is expected to develop further, I hope that it will become popular in Japan in the future.THE LATEST NEWS

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