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Igari Blush Booboo CC Review – Benefits, Prices, and Swatches

by Time Project
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In this Igari Blush CC review, we will cover the Benefits, booboo Prices, and Swatches of this popular CC lip color. After reading the article, you should have the knowledge to purchase this product. You can make an informed decision by following the guidelines we have outlined below. Read on to discover why this product is worth your time. We have included the most helpful information for you to make a well-informed decision about purchasing this makeup product.


If you are looking for a great blush for your Sims, then look no further. This set of makeup products contains 45 shades, all of which are perfect for enhancing your Sim’s unique features. If you are looking for a bright, playful blush that will make her face pop, look no further than the candy garden blush set. This product is great for highlighting your Sim’s cheekbones and shape. The 45 shades range from light pink to dark brown.

Whether you are a fan of blush makeup or are simply bored of your own facial complexion, this cosmetic add-on is sure to make your Sim look gorgeous. You can make a sexy statement with the new CC sets from bluemoonsims. They feature face and nose blushes, as well as some other surprises. They even come in a set of unisex blushes, which means your Sim can look like a girl and wear makeup wherever she wants.


There are so many options for making your Sim look amazing! From the Candy Garden blush set to the CC’s with the pink and fuchsia hues, these makeup items will give your Sim a perfect complexion! To see how these products work, check out the following swatches! There are 35 different shades of the candy garden blush set! You can choose from light pinks to dark browns to make your Sim look stunning!

The first part of the Summer Blushes set includes blush. The second part contains more face paint, including a Disney version of a comic or tragic mask! And last but not least, there’s the vitamin D! This cosmetic add-on will give your Sims the rosy, pink, and orange look they’ve always wanted. There are also a few surprises in Miiko’s Summer Blush CC!

Luckily, this makeup set is base game compatible! There are swatches for all sims, from toddlers to elders, and it works on every skin tone and overlay! Even sims with red-heads can look gorgeous with this makeup. Swatches for booboo blush sims 4 cc


The Sims’ makeup is one of their most important features, and the CC booboo blush is a must-have. The CC features 45 swatches to choose from to suit your Sim’s style. It’s not just a blush – you can also use it to enhance the shape of your Sim’s face! If you’re not yet a fan of the CC booboo blush, you can always go for the free version.

The CC version includes nose and face blushes as well as a Disney-style comedy/tragic mask. The CC also comes with other surprises. While it costs $39.99, the set includes more than just blush. There are also a few cosmetics that are universal for everyone, including eyeshadow, lipstick, and nail polish. booboo blush The Sims can wear any shade of blush to add to their wardrobe!

Igari Blush CC

If you’ve ever wanted to spruce up your Sim’s face, you might be curious about Igari Blush CC. It’s a makeup add-on that works for a variety of skin tones, including light, medium, and dark. Unlike most cosmetic add-ons for Sims, this one is unisex and caters to a variety of different skin tones. Booboo Blush is a great choice if you’re looking for a cosmetic fix for your Sim’s dull facial complexion.

Unlike real life, this CC for Booboo Sims is designed to help Sims recover from hangovers. Its special formula focuses on adding blush to the nose bridge and under the eyes to mimic the flushed look of the Japanese when they’re drunk. The swatches of color are nearly unlimited.booboo blush For maximum color intensity, you can create the perfect Nike swoosh shape with this liner.

Igari is compatible with both the base game and Booboo Sims 4. Its formula includes a variety of colors to suit a wide range of skin tones, including fair and dark. It can be used on any sim, including toddlers. However, the color does not match every sim’s skin color, which may make it difficult to use. You can install Igari Blush CC for Booboo Sims 4 right here on our website.

Cupid’s Blush sims

If you’ve been eying up the new CC, Cupid’s Blush, you’re in luck. This blush comes in two shades of pink and red. It can be applied to any lipstick and can add definition and a new shape to your lips. Because it has a gloss overlay, you can also wear it with a matte lipstick. Just keep in mind that you may not be able to layer it with every cc or lipstick in the game.

This new add-on is a must-have for any girl who wants to look more stunning and feminine. It is a fun way to spice up the facial appearance, and there are a variety of colors to choose from. booboo blush The blush also serves as a perfect way to hide dark circles under the eyes. The CC includes face, nose, and eye blushes, as well as other surprises.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your cheekbones, contour your face, or make your face more feminine, the Candygarden Blush set has you covered. There are 45 different shades, including blush shades that emphasize your Sim’s features. And there are several options for both blush foundation. Whether you’re looking for a soft, subtle blush or something bolder and brighter, there’s a color to match your Sim’s skin tone.

Miiko’s Summer Blush

The summer Blushes add-on allows you to dress up your Sims and change their facial appearances with easy makeup fixes. Miiko’s CC includes cheek and nose blushes and more surprises for your beauty needs. booboo blush These cosmetic add-ons have many benefits for the game, so you can make the most of them. But before you go out and buy them, make sure to check out our review to find out if they are worth the hype.

The first set includes the About Face and Dune hair. There are also some items made by other creators, such as the Sammi Lip Preset WB 1-15 and the Skywash Eyeshadow. The Summer Blush pack also comes with some accessories. The game is not complete without the new Skywash Eyeshadow, and the Daniel Top by @kumikya and kindlespice.

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