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ID Verification Solution – Safeguarding Users Against Employment Scams

by Time Project
ID Verification Solution – Safeguarding Users Against Employment Scams

The covid pandemic is changing the landscape of how industries were functioning before. The process of employee onboarding was simple with face-to-face interactions and in-place interviews. Rapid digitization is shifting this process to virtual hiring with scammers also making their way to the digital sphere by offering fake jobs. They associate with online job providers to put their malicious intentions into action.

With the rise in job-related scams, employees are also losing their trust in legit firms which are leading to high drop-off and compromised reputation. In order to overcome these scenarios, corporate firms established businesses, and other companies need to incorporate efficient identity verification solutions. The blog sheds light on job scams and how AI-powered ID verification services help fight them. 

Job Scams and Identity Verification Services – A Detailed Overview

As per the finding by the FBI, more than 1600 people reported that they fell prey to job scams while losing over $59 million. Fraudsters associate themselves with established businesses, freelancing platforms, or other digital employment providers to target the right employees. This way they steal information and reap financial benefits. This leaves the businesses with reputational damages and non-compliance penalties. Freelancing firms here are the fraudster’s favorite targets due to the lack of strict regulatory checks.

However, with robust AI-powered digital onboarding solutions in place, businesses can identify scammers prior to registration. This will help them save employees from falling prey to fake job offers as well as retain their worth in the marketplace. Online identity authentication also keeps track of business affiliates. If in any case, they come out to be imposters in the future, the system identifies them in time. 

Amid the pandemic, numerous startups and other firms made their way to the digital space for hiring employees. The work-from-home trend further fueled the rise in job-related scams. Where people are eager to make easy money, fraudsters offer them opportunities. The lack of identity verification checks largely adds to this process. Therefore, it becomes difficult for businesses to draw a line between legit employers and scammers. Fraudsters flee with potential employees and leave businesses with nothing. Hence, ID verification is their reliable solution to onboard legit employees. 

Identity Theft Protection Services – Highlighting Common Types of Job Scams

Job scammers often use third-party payment providers for money transfers. This cunning strategy makes it difficult for businesses to identify these importers. Furthermore, corporate firms often hire third-party employers to pick out potential people for the job. However, they never direct the chosen employees and companies but rather spare them to reap personal benefits. Fraudsters dodge identity authentication checks, use the name of legit companies, and show up as their representatives to sign the contract.

However, with authenticity identity theft protection services in place, they can identify the scammers and guard their operations. Furthermore, the AI-powered ID verification solutions help businesses counter the following types of job-related scams:

Re-Packaging of Goods

This type of job involves the hiring of employees to unpack or repack goods and their delivery to given addresses. Logistics, delivery services, and e-commerce often post ads or chose third parties to hire such employees. In case they are part of criminal activities, businesses might face backlashes. 

Job scammers pitch to such firms and circulate smuggled goods under the name of legit firms. However, with identity verification services, businesses can mitigate the chances of these activities. 

Data Entry Fraud

Data entry jobs are the fastly emerging type of scams amid the pandemic. Companies hire employees from various regions to work from home and fill in the data forms. Scammers commit identity theft and use these companies to falsely hire people, get their hands on their information, and use it for illicit purposes. 

This way businesses face a severe backlash in both financial and reputational contexts. This is why they need to incorporate effective identity verification solutions that will help them tick out scammers at the time of registration. As this type of job does not require a lot of skills and pre-hand requirements, scammers easily reap benefits through synthetic identity fraud. 

It all Adds to

In order to combat the rise in job-related scams, businesses need to employ efficient identity verification. Before pitching to any third-party employers or hiring someone to play the part of hiring, firms should incorporate a biometric identity verification system. This is because it identifies importers in real-time by not only validating the information but also detecting liveness. The AI-powered ID verification solutions also track the activities of employees and employers so that businesses don’t unwillingly become a part of job-related scams.

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