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i made a deal with the devil ch 17 : u/Ok-Suggestion191 – Reddit

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i made a deal with the devil ch 17

i made a deal with the devil ch 17 we’ve seen how Shin and his companions were tricked by the devil. In this chapter, we get to see the aftermath of that deal. The devil has his sights set on Shin and his friends, and now they must fight for their survival. The stakes have never been higher, and all of Shin’s training will count for nothing if he can’t protect those closest to him. Read on to find out what happens in this thrilling conclusion to i made a deal with the devil.

U/Ok-Suggestion191’s Story

Hi everyone. I’m U/Ok-Suggestion and I made a deal with the devil. i made a deal with the devil ch 17.Dark forces were tempting me, promising unimaginable power in return for my soul. But I knew that wasn’t right and so I made a deal with the true Devil – myself.

I accepted that I would be unhappy forever, that I would always have to fight for what was important to me, and that no one would ever love me as much as I loved them. And in return, the Devil granted me unlimited happiness, eternal love, and the strength to never give up on anything again.

It was a steep price to pay, but it’s been worth it every single day since. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s someone waiting for me upstairs who has been wanting to see me very badly…

I made a deal with the devil and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I was struggling with my weight for years, but nothing worked. I tried dieting, working out, and everything else that people say works. Nothing worked. I was at my heaviest and felt like there was no hope for me. That’s when I decided to make a deal with the devil.

At first, it seemed like a bad idea, but then I thought about it more and realized that this could be the answer to my prayers. If I made this deal with the devil, he would help me lose weight and I would never have to worry about my weight again. And he had a 100% guarantee that if I did what he said, I wouldn’t gain the weight back. So I decided to make the deal.

It wasn’t easy, but once we made the deal things started going better than ever before. Within 4 months of making the deal, I had lost 10 pounds and didn’t even have to try hard! The loss continued until eventually I reached my goal weight and haven’t looked back since.

This is how you can make a deal with the devil and achieve your goals – trust me, it works!
If you’re struggling with your weight and don’t know what to do, make a deal with the devil and see how it works for you. It may sound scary at first, but it’s actually one of the best decisions that you’ll ever make.

The Deal

I was browsing through Reddit when I saw a post about a person that had made a deal with the devil. So, I decided to do some research on the topic and found out that this is something that happens quite frequently. i made a deal with the devil ch 17 In fact, there are even websites dedicated to helping people make deals with the devil.

So, what is the deal? Basically, you make a deal with the devil in exchange for either your soul or some other desired outcome. Some people claim that this can help them achieve their goals or desires in life, while others say it’s just pure madness. However, whatever the case may be, it’s definitely an interesting topic to consider.

What happened after the deal was made

After reaching an agreement with the devil, user Ok-Suggestion began to feel an intense feeling of euphoria. The sense of pleasure only grew as the days went on and Ok-Suggestion became more and more addicted to the feeling.

Eventually, he was unable to function normally without the drug and began to neglect his obligations and friends. In a desperate attempt to break free from his addiction, Ok-Suggestion tried every strategy imaginable, but nothing worked. He was trapped in a cycle of self-destruction that he could never escape.

Luckily, help arrived in the form of a support group for people who struggle with addiction. Through their help, Ok- Suggestion was able to get back on track and reclaim his life.

The Aftermath

When I initially made the deal with the devil, I didn’t think it would have such an impact on my life. It was only supposed to be a short-term solution to some problems I was facing, but it’s now been months and the consequences are still being felt.

The first thing I noticed was that my motivation plummeted. i made a deal with the devil ch 17 I stopped caring about my tasks and projects, and found myself spending more time online scanning through Reddit threads instead of actually doing anything productive.

Then there were the emotional side effects. For a while, everything seemed like it was going great – I had managed to get rid of all my debt and accumulated a significant amount of savings, but then something went wrong. My newfound financial stability turned out to be nothing but an illusion – in reality, I was becoming increasingly frazzled and stressed out by everyday life obligations.

All in all, making that deal with the devil has been a complete disaster – not only did it cause me short-term financial problems, but it also dramatically changed my overall lifestyle and mental state. If you’re considering making a similar deal, be very careful what you’re getting yourself into!


In this chapter, Ok-Suggestion191 reveals what happened when he made a deal with the devil. He was not alone in this decision – many people make deals with the devil in an attempt to improve their lives. i made a deal with the devil ch 17 The catch is that most of these deals don’t turn out well for the person who makes them. In fact, often times they end up worse off than before. It is important to be aware of the consequences of making such a deal and to weigh all of your options carefully before making any commitments.

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