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How to Submit Your Flick to Film Festivals

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If you want to be a filmmaker and you’re interested in submitting your film to film festivals, submit your flick you’ve come to the right place. This article will teach you how to submit your film to a number of different film festivals, including Sundance. Here you’ll find information about Film categories, Deadlines, and Festivals that accept films. Hopefully, you can submit your flick to a few of them in the coming months.


If you’re a budding indie artist and looking for a new audience to show your work to, the NewFilmmakers Los Angeles festival may be just what you need. The festival aims to foster and celebrate the creativity of indie artists, and has become a strong gathering place for independent cinema. With over 20,000 supporters throughout the Los Angeles area, NewFilmmakers offers filmmakers the opportunity to network and receive exposure to a broad range of audiences. NewFilmmakers also offers valuable insight into production, distribution, acquisition, and representation.

To enter, filmmakers must submit their flicks by April 17, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Filmmakers must include a director bio, film still, synopsis, and list of production credits. Once accepted, films will be screened for in-person audiences in the FDH 109 film theater, but will also be made available for streaming on the festival’s website. For more information about entering the festival, visit the website.

Film categories

There are several categories for you to submit your flick, from short films to feature films. You may be a filmmaker, cinematographer, or even a screenwriter – just make sure your flick qualifies. The main categories are Feature Film, Short Film, Under 5 Minute Short Film, and Web-Series. Subgenres are categorized by how they differ stylistically. Comedy, for example, includes romantic comedies and slapstick cartoons. They all differ in style, dialogue, and overall humor. There is a subgenre for just about any type of film.

There are many different film genres, each with a distinct theme and style. You may want to choose a genre based on the setting, story, characters, tone, and theme of your flick. submit your flick You may also want to choose a sub-genre for your flick if you feel your film falls into more than one of those categories. Films that fit into more than one genre can be eligible for a few awards.


The submission deadline for the 2018 Australian Film Festival is September 1, 2018. The competition is open to all filmmakers and screenwriters. The deadline is midnight on September 1 in the Australian Eastern Standard Time. Screenwriters, cinematographers, and producers who have a legal right to submit their film can enter. If you are eligible, you should start working on your film as soon as possible. The festival is now accepting films from ALL age groups, including children and teens.

Festivals that accept films

Before submitting your film to a festival, consider the following factors. Whether your film has already been online or not can make a difference. submit your flick While the majority of festivals do not require a film to have a theatrical premiere, some are very specific about that. In this case, it may be beneficial to use a film’s online exposure to get more festival consideration. If this is the case, the first step would be to look for film festivals in your area that are accepting films.

Once you have chosen a genre, you can then find a film festival that accepts that genre. In most cases, fees for film festivals are fixed, but many do not. There are also free or low-cost submissions. You can also submit your film to several different festivals by paying a single entry fee of 1,5 to 3 euros. It is advisable to keep in mind that some festivals require a fee, so be sure to check the deadlines before submitting your film.

If your film is in the category of “independent” or “non-mainstream,” you can submit to festivals that have a specific theme or genre. Some are specifically Jewish, or only feature films directed by females. Other festivals have specific requirements for the length or genre of the film. Many festivals will also accept student-produced films. To select the perfect film festival for you, it is best to research the festival’s requirements and submit your film using a film submission service.

Many festivals will accept films submitted through online submission services. Withoutabox is one of these services. The website allows filmmakers to easily submit their film to thousands of film festivals. If you submit your film through the website, it will automatically appear in their database. The festival’s selection criteria can be found on the website. However, you may be asked to pay a fee for this service. You must consider your budget before submitting your film.

Contests that accept films

Students in grade 12 and above are encouraged to enter environmental films for a contest that will raise awareness and encourage behavioral change. The film can be any length between 3 minutes and 8 minutes. Animated films can also be submitted to the contest, with a length requirement of 45 seconds. Animated films can discuss a problem and propose a solution, but they must address it in a solution-oriented manner. Animated films from younger students are not required to include the problem and solution in their films.

While most film competitions accept films of all genres and lengths, there is a lot of variation. While there are no guarantees of success, winning a film competition can help get your film seen and make an impact. Among the many reasons to enter a film competition is the prestige it can garner, but winning a film competition can also help gain an audience. Contests that accept films also consider many factors, including how well the film is made. submit your flick A movie script should be between two and 30 pages long, written in courier size font.

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