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How to improve employee management at your repair store

by Time Project
How to improve employee management at your repair store

For those repair enthusiasts who’ve started with their own brick and mortar stores, managing a higher influx of orders from customers can become cumbersome to manage alone.

You’d probably hire a few employees and technicians so you can focus on the growth of your repair business.

Now, the first question that pops up is of the types of issues a repair shop owner faces when managing their employees? Primarily, we’d list down a number of issues, but you can find a way of never facing these issues.

Simply integrate your POS system with a cell phone repair store software and get the right support solutions to all the problems revealed by leading industry experts.

Before diving into the problems faced by shop owners, let’s underline the fact that there are two problem solving approaches.

The first is the manual approach. A labor intensive process involving filling out spreadsheets and/or paperwork for payroll and checking the monthly employee performance.

The other one is automation. This’ll easily solve every management hurdle you’ll face.

Empower yourself with employee management software. This enables you to efficiently manage your repair store.

Furthermore, using such softwares, you can assign specific roles to each of your employees, track their activity and the number of repair tasks they’ve completed successfully.

You can also check the software to find out when and where your employees require guidance as well.

In addition, a cell phone repair store software enables the repair store owner to get a big picture view of all the processes warranting management. Easily and conveniently monitor your technicians by remotely overseeing everything and anything they do.

A repair store owner getting an overall vision of the performance of your employees means you get a better chance to calculate the growth possibilities.

However, let’s go over the major benefits a repair store owner can experience with having automated solutions to manage your employees:

  • Employee Profiling
  • Track Activity
  • Roles & Permissions
  • Special Activity Access 
  • Productivity Reports
  • Total Visibility

Employee Profiling

For any software solutions you get onboard with, the first step is usually creating the profiles of your employees. This’ll let them use the software, but limited to their role and position in your organization.

For instance, you can set the roles and responsibilities of each employee and calculate their performance for payroll and incentives.

In case a repair ticket requires more than one technician to complete, you can use the employee management software to easily align a task with multiple employees, and that too during repairs!

Track Activity

A majority of repair business owners face issues of cumbersome nature when they have to check their employees’ in and out timings.

Don’t opt for manual and cost-effective measures of spreadsheet entries. This will take a heavy toll on you especially when you have to calculate the payroll.

And remember, this will happen every month!

Get yourself a cell phone repair store software and easily track your employees’ ins-and-out timings. Another benefit of this type of softwares is the real time checkability.

And from any location via the convenience of your handheld device as well. This way, you can easily evaluate the payroll of each employee.

Roles & Permissions

An interesting feature a repair shop software offers is customization of the roles and permissions for each employee. Like any other business, employees get placed in a tier-level hierarchy.

Easily establish the groundwork permissions and assign dedicated roles to each of your employees. Also, you can set certain rules and permissions that apply to everyone, regardless of their role.

This way you can ensure that each and every employee stays within their assigned roles.

Special Activity Access 

Grant special access or restrict certain employees from crucial key features. The software lets you do that too, including creating a purchase order (PO). Easily control and limit your employees’ maneuverability within the employee management software.

For instance, the access permissions of a store manager can allow them to generate a Good Received Note (GRN) and/or Purchase Order (PO). This is you enabling your employees to make certain predetermined decisions.

Automate and assign certain business operations to key employees, allowing you to run your business as smoothly as possible. Including little or no interference from your side.

Productivity Reports

Whenever your repair shop software generates a ticket, it gets assigned to an employee. And you can configure the software to update an employee’s daily to-do list.

You can also restrict the editing rights to this and make sure that your employees are focused on reaching their individual targets. The software tracks them and can give a report on it separately.

Another thing you can do is easily check the status of all the active repair tasks at your store. This will help you in understanding what type of repair jobs are being taken up and how many are in the pipeline.

Using a cloud-based software solution, you can easily track down all your employees’ activities. Enable them to take accountability for their actions and reward them accordingly. 

Each of your employees need to know exactly what they have to do and own it! Meaning you remove any room for becoming lazy and ensure productivity to the MAX!

This also helps you in analyzing their performance and can highlight which employees may be in need of some training. A repair shop software can also help you in finding out the ones skipping important steps.

The benefits of such cloud-based softwares are unlimited. You can configure them to behave and operate in any form or shape that is beneficial for your repair business.

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