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Furman Home Theatre Power Manager

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The SS-6B home theatre power manager from Furman is a basic, budget-friendly unit with 6 AC power outlets and basic safety features. It also offers EMI/RFI filtration and surge protection. Its heavy-duty steel construction and 15-foot power cord make it ideal for home theaters.

Surge protectors are a good option, but they aren’t enough to prevent a sudden surge in voltage from damaging electronic equipment. Even a high-quality electrical installation might not need a power conditioner. But if your home is located in an area prone to power fluctuations, frequent lightning strikes, or power surges, a power conditioner is essential.

A home theatre power manager is important for the proper functioning of your entertainment system. It protects your expensive electronics from dirty electricity and reduces noise, ensuring that your audio/video equipment runs smoothly. It also ensures that your voltage levels are steady, preventing damage caused by voltage spikes. A good home theatre power manager can also control up to 8 devices at once.

The SS-6B home theatre power manager has a six-outlet steel power block and features EMI/RFI filtration. It also has a 15-foot power cord and standard level surge protection. It can protect up to 540 joules of power in a single pulse, and has a 15-foot power cord.

A home theatre power manager should have a balanced number of outlets, so that electronics like televisions and DVD players can run without interference. It should also have surge protection, preventing damage to electronics and improving their performance.


The MR4000 home theatre power manager is a smart, cost-efficient way to protect your home theater system. The patented Automatic Voltage Monitoring technology shuts down connected equipment when voltage exceeds a certain level. The unit also features a front-mounted voltage indicator and an LED display. An easy-to-read indicator lets you know whether the voltage is safe to use.

The MR4000 home theatre power manager is available for purchase at Panamax outlets and online. It is available with a 120V plug and a limited manufacturer’s warranty. This device protects your expensive audio/video system from spikes in power and protects it from damage. The device has a warranty of up to $5 million.

This device also reduces audio buffering noise. These noises are often a result of power outages, making a power manager vital for areas prone to power failure. This device also cuts down on standby power, which reduces energy usage and energy costs. It works in a similar way to surge protectors. Surge protectors divert excess power from the circuit, but power managers clean the dirty power and eliminate noise from the system.

A power manager is essential for protecting your audio/video equipment. Without it, you’ll run the risk of overheating and even a potential explosion. Moreover, a power manager keeps dirty power out of the theatre, making it a safer environment for your home theatre. The Panamax MR4000 home theatre power manager is available at authorized Panamax resellers in the USA and on Amazon.

MR4000 home theatre power manager with built-in surge protection and power conditioning features is an ideal solution for home theater system owners. It features nine outlets, including dedicated AV outlets, and it offers a wide range of useful features. In addition, it has a dedicated coaxial line input and telephone line input. It also includes automatic voltage monitoring (AVM) technology that prevents damage from power surges.

Niagara 1200

The Niagara 1200 home theatre power manager is a sleek, compact box with a gunmetal gray chassis. Its back panel has seven outlets and a master power switch. Its compact design allows for easy storage. It also features low-resistance solid-core wiring, low noise directionality, and heavy silver plating.

The Niagara 1200 provides protection from power surges of up to 6000 volts. This is higher than the 2200 volts of an electric chair, but lower than the 120 volts of U.S. household current. A power spike of that magnitude could fry an amplifier. The Niagara 1200 protects against spikes like these by acting as a shut-off switch. This lets you reset the unit without damaging the unit.

The Niagara 1200 also has ground noise-dissipation technology to prevent ground-noise interference. The patented Ground Noise-Dissipation System uses two banks of direction-controlled ground noise dissipation to protect the unit from electrical noise. It also uses Linear Noise-Dissipation Technology to provide 18 octaves of AC differential filtering. This filtering ensures a linear response. In addition, the Niagara 1200 includes Non-Sacrisprise protection, which protects the unit from multiple AC surges.

This home theatre power manager is also equipped with a front panel LED. It features two high-current outlets and circuit breakers with 15 amp ratings. It also has an AC filter with the widest bandwidth in the industry. This protects your equipment from voltage drops and other electrical disturbances.

Another great feature of this device is the filtration of dirty power. This will remove dirt particles from the AC power. Dirty power can degrade the quality of audio and video components. It will also help reduce AC noise and provide a cleaner, more organized environment.

Furman AC-215A

The Furman AC-215A home theatre power management system is a smart and convenient way to protect your home theatre system. The device can regulate voltage and eliminate EMI and RFI interference, ensuring your systems remain fully functional. It also provides additional benefits, such as energy conservation and preparedness for power outages. You can choose from various sizes, including a compact and portable version.

Home theatre power managers should also support Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), a control protocol built into HDMI. CEC is not supported by all HDMI devices, so you’ll need to check to see if your device supports it. If it does, you’ll have the advantage of turning multiple devices on and off with one remote.

The AC-215A is small enough to easily mount behind a flat-screen television or inside a rack, and has a slim profile. It also has mounting brackets for wall or ceiling mounting, and uses advanced Furman technologies to protect your system. It was originally developed to meet the extreme power demands of recording studios. In fact, the AC-215A is rated for over 3000 amps, allowing it to handle even the highest power demands.

The Furman AC-215A home theatre power management system features 11 outlets. Its filtered outlets reduce AC line noise and pollution and improve audio quality. It also comes with two extra power outlets with standard spacing. Its power cable should be durable, failsafe, and lightweight.

This home theatre power manager is a great choice for protecting your expensive audio gear. It features advanced line filtering, short circuit protection, and surge suppression. It also features a green power indicator.

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