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Feeling Brainy? Test Your Smarts With This Delta 9 Quiz

by Time Project
Feeling Brainy? Test Your Smarts With This Delta 9 Quiz

To put your knowledge of Marijuana to the test, we have a Delta 9 quiz. This D9 quiz will tell you how much you know about the products you love. Discover your position on the scale, which ranges from Expert to Rookie. In case you perform well, congratulations. Otherwise, we have you covered, and you can read the rest of the article to improve your knowledge about Delta 9.


You have attained the status of Expert if you get 13 questions or more. In that case, you are unquestionably a THC connoisseur. If you can only accurately respond with a number between 0 and 4, you are a complete Rookie and can only get higher. All other scores indicate that there is still more for you to learn. If you get every question wrong, you are too high to notice you were taking an exam in the first place. There are no consequences for incorrect responses. At the conclusion comes the answer key.

1. What does hot boxing entail?

  1. Sauna-going with pals
  2. Igniting a cardboard box
  3. Smoking a joint in a closed space
  4. Puffing on a joint in a box

2. What exactly is a “spliff”?

  1. A guitarist solo
  2. Cannabis-infused food
  3. Cannabis-infused drinks
  4. A Marijuana joint

3. Describe moon rocks.

  1. The candy that bursts and sizzles in the mouth 
  2. Rocks you brought back from the moon 
  3. The candy that explodes and sizzles in the mouth 
  4. Cannabis covered with kief and hash oil

4. Describe terpenes.

  1. Aromatic oils
  2. A particular cannabis strain
  3. A cannabinoid variant 
  4. Nutrients for the plant

5. Describe a bogart.

  1. A person who resembles Humphrey
  2. A person who does not pass the joint
  3. A person who is the antithesis of a Hogwarts student
  4. A person no one wants to be

6. Describe a bubbler.

  1. A person who produces their all-natural bubble baths 
  2. A marijuana pipe with a water reservoir
  3. A person whose profession it is to blow bubbles
  4. A restless stoner

7. Define Munchies.

  1. Video game monsters who consume everything
  2. Half-siblings of the Goonies
  3. The intense hunger pangs users have for snacks when high
  4. A novel kind of potato chips

8. Describe a pinner.

  1. A person who enjoys sharing things on Pinterest
  2. A ghost that can fit through a door
  3. A golfer
  4. A very thin joint

9. State the full name of THC.

  1. Tetrishyrdocanna
  2. Tetrahydrocannabinol
  3. Tetrohydrocanabinus
  4. Totally-High-Carts

10. Describe a dugout.

  1. A sizable hole in the earth filled with murky water
  2. The pool at your cousin’s house
  3. A container with ground cannabis and one-hitter in it
  4. What remained after you failed to locate the treasure

11. What are clones?

  1. Star Wars military soldiers
  2. A humanoid copy of the user that can work for you
  3. A cutting from a cannabis plant used to cultivate Marijuana
  4. A copy of some other user that can work for you

12. When passing bongs:

  1. Always sing into the bong
  2. Pretend to drop it
  3. Cover the opening
  4. Clear the bong’s chamber

13. What exactly is dabbing?

  1. A new popular dancing technique
  2. When you are “baked and done.”
  3. Pushing the tip of a joint against the tray
  4. Inhaling concentrates as vapor

14. Which concentrate extraction procedure involves frozen fresh cannabis plants?

  1. Shatter
  2. Badder
  3. Hashish
  4. Live Resin

15. Endocannabinoid system: What is it?

  1. A fertigation system to feed plants
  2. A complex scoring system
  3. A method comprising cannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitters
  4. The most expensive bong in the world

The answer key is: 1. c  2. d 3. d  4. a 5. b  6. b  7. c  8. d  9. b  10. c  11. c  12. d  13. d  14. d  15. c.

If you did not perform well, now is the time to learn more about Delta 9 THC. You can also find some superb resources online that will help you learn about D9. You can connect with other users to learn more about the standard practices and etiquette of using D9. Once you become familiar with this information, you will quickly become a D9 expert with all the answers.

Facts About Delta 9 THC

You may be curious about the various cannabinoids, their chemical structures, and how they affect the brain. The following information will cover the fundamentals of Delta 9 and how it affects your body. In addition, you may want to learn about its sources, as well.


The cannabinoids Delta 8 and Delta 9 have the same structure as regular THC but are less potent. They work similarly to regular THC by binding to the body’s endocannabinoid system to produce a high feeling. The difference lies in their double-bond structure, which creates an intoxicating effect. Because of this, hemp-based extractors are now increasing the production and shipping of these compounds across the US.

Although cannabinoids are becoming increasingly available, there are concerns regarding co-administration with other medications. Because these cannabinoids interact with different medicines, their use may cause unwanted drug-drug interactions. However, these interactions may not be clinically significant. For example, when D9-THC interacts with certain medications, it may cause unintended drug-drug interactions.

Chemical structure

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a natural cannabinoid derived from the Cannabis plant. Delta 9 THC impacts several major metabolic systems. The ECS is involved in the homeostasis process. The ECS has two receptors: cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1) and cannabinoid receptor type 2. CB1 receptors enable the psychoactive effects of cannabinoids. Delta 9 THC interacts with these receptors and signals the body’s serotonin system.

Effects on the brain

Researchers examined the effects of CBD and Delta 9 THC on brain function. They found that D-9-THC increased activation of the left amygdala in response to images of fearful faces. This effect correlates to STAI anxiety levels. In contrast, CBD had the opposite impact on SCR fluctuations. These findings raise the possibility that CBD and D-9-THC have different effects on the brain.

The effect of Delta 9 THC underwent investigation in six healthy subjects who underwent two experimental sessions. In each session, subjects received a dose of CBD (5 mg) or D-9-THC (1.25 mg). The participants were under observation for positive psychotic symptoms at baseline, thirty and ninety minutes after receiving D-9-THC. These studies can show that D9 THC may have therapeutic effects. In addition, there are reports that it may have benefits for a variety of other conditions. But before you decide to start taking THC, there are a few things you should know.


D9 THC is naturally present in the flower of marijuana plants. Its potency and safety depend on lab testing. It is best to look for a product with a Certificate of Analysis that verifies that it contains Delta 9 THC and other cannabinoids and is free from harmful contaminants. It is important to note that different sources of Delta 9 THC may have different effects on different individuals. Experts recommend taking these products in moderation to minimize the risk of adverse consequences. To derive the best results, experiment with different doses and brands.

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