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Etowah County Mugshots Documents on SlideShare

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etowah county mugshots

For most of us, a mugshot is an unfortunate image we see on TV or in the newspaper. For some, it may be their only public photo. And for some, it’s a yearly occurrence. Etowah County Mugshots is a collection of more than 6,000 mugshots from throughout Etowah County, Alabama. Created as part of the county’s visual history project, these photos are now available on SlideShare.

Take a look at these fascinating images and learn about the people who have been captured in them. You might be surprised at some of the faces you see!

Background information on Etowah County

Etowah County is located in the Southern United States and comprises parts of north-central Alabama, as well as northwestern Georgia. The county seat is Gadsden. As of the 2010 census, the population was 154,447. etowah county mugshots Etowah County was created on December 13, 1836, from land taken from Clayton and Jackson counties. The name comes from a Creek word meaning “a good place to settle.” Early settlers included the McMillans, Campbells, Andersons, and McCoys. The first courthouse was built in 1837.

The county has a long history of agriculture and industry, including cotton plantations and mills, lumber production, steel production, and automotive manufacturing. Today, Etowah County is home to several companies that produce aircraft components and chemicals for the automotive industry. Tourism is also an important part of the economy; attractions include phosphate mines near Hartselle and archaeological sites around Gadsden.

The mugshots on SlideShare

The mugshots on SlideShare show the faces of people who have been arrested in Etowah County, Alabama. Many of these individuals have been convicted of crimes such as DUI, assault, and theft. The slides are a great way to learn more about Etowah County and its criminal justice system.

In Etowah County, Alabama, law enforcement officers take mugshots of anyone they arrest. This online repository of images provides a unique look into the lives and arrests of residents in Etowah County.

If you’re looking for a graphic representation of the crimes committed in Etowah County, Alabama, then you’ll want to check out this SlideShare presentation. Created by the folks at Al.com, etowah county mugshots the presentation features mugshots of more than 150 people who have been convicted of crimes in Etowah County since 2007.

Some of the more notable individuals featured in the presentation include Jeffrey Jerome White, who was convicted of killing three people during a church service in Gadsden, Etowah county mugshots Ala., in 2006; and Christopher Eugene Edwards, who has been convicted of multiple counts of rape and murder.

If you’re curious about the demographics associated with these crime rates, or just want to see some really ugly mugshots, then be sure to check out this SlideShare presentation.

The reactions to the mugshots

The reaction to the mugshots of Etowah County inmates is a mix of shock, sadness, and anger. The release of the mugshots came as a surprise to many because the individuals had been released from custody or were awaiting trial.

The reactions to the mugshots were overwhelming and emotional. Many people expressed their anger and frustration with the county’s decision to publish them online. etowah county mugshots Some said that the mugshots were humiliating and created a climate of fear among residents. Others argued that Etowah County had every right to release the photos in response to public records requests. Some people praised Sheriff Todd Entrekin for his transparency, while others criticized him for creating a culture of fear within the community.

Many people are upset that these photographs were made public without their knowledge or permission. Others are disturbed by the apparent lack of discipline and respect shown in some of the photos.

Many people feel that these images represent an overall failure on behalf of the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office and its officers. Some are calling for reform within the department while others are demanding that the individuals responsible be fired.

The reactions to the mugshots are varied. Some people find the mugshots humorous, etowah county mugshots while others find them offensive. Many of those who view the mugshots say that they do not recognize any of the individuals in the photos.

The reactions to the mugshots were overwhelmingly negative. Some feel that the mugshots are humiliating and can traumatize individuals who appear in them. Others say that mugshots are a necessary part of law enforcement and should not be taken lightly.


If you’re looking for a collection of Etowah County mugshots, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has put together this slide show that covers the county’s history in mugshots. From famous criminals to infamous victims, the list is extensive and fascinating. So dive in and get a closer look at some of Etowah County’s most notable people from its criminal past!

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