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Escort Warrior MC

Imagine the MC is an escort warrior and fights other escort warriors. What makes her so different from the rest of them? What is her secret? This is the topic for this article. Read on to find out. It’s not all glitz and glam in this tale of the escort warrior. The MC has a dark secret and a secret weapon that will keep him alive for the duration of the book.


If you are writing an MC for an escort warrior manga, you should make sure that you know all the details before you start reading. Escort mangas are very popular and you should definitely read them! The characters are unique and you’ll find yourself re-reading them for years to come! If you’ve been looking for a good MC for an escort warrior manga, then read this!

MC is an escort warrior

The MC is an escort warrior who loses his will to fight after his partner dies, and is in a war with his feelings. This story also includes a white knight and princess storyline, where the MC is depressed and the princess is innocent. There are many fight scenes between the MC and the white knight, and the story is generally interesting. It can be played with or without the white knight or princess, depending on the audience’s taste.

MC fights other escort warriors

The MC is very OP, but lost his will to fight after his partner was killed, so he’s in a constant battle with himself. The story also goes into a princess/white knight thing where the MC is depressed and has no apparent intentions. The fight scenes are also very impressive, especially the ones where the MC fights other escort warriors. The anime is very fun to watch, but it can be very confusing if you’re not familiar with anime.

MC has a secret

If you’re looking for a manga with a lot of action and a great storyline, look no further. Escort Warrior manga is constantly being updated by Imperfect Comic. The collection includes a series of episodes where the MC reveals a secret. This series is one of the best fantasy anime to date. It is a must-read for fans of the genre.

The MC reveals a secret for the escort warrior that’s all about a secret figure. The Warrior asks Future Trunks about a figure he’s been thinking about, and he is surprised to learn that he’s not alone. The MC then tells him to head back to Conton City to ask the boys about the figures.

MC has a past

When a princess is selected to be the heir to a kingdom, the MC has a past as an armed escort warrior. However, she forgot her flying license, which makes it illegal to fly without a license in Conton City. The Time Patrol warns her, and the MC is soon caught between two worlds – an alternate reality and the real one.

MC has a future

The MC’s future as an escort warrior is set in the distant past, after he saves the Time Patrollers from an impending attack. He learns about this new role, and eventually earns himself the title of “Future Warrior” in the process. The MC then becomes the future Hero of Conton City, and the statue of this character is placed in the center of the city’s Recreation Plaza.

The warrior’s mission is to observe a rift between the past and present, and then return to the Time Nest in the present. However, the mission is interrupted by an unexpected visitor, Chronoa. She introduces the warriors to the basic principles of combat, and then shows them how to fight the Time Guards. The MC meets two Patrollers who teach him basic fighting skills.

After training, Future Trunks notices the scroll’s change and asks the MC if he understands the meaning of it. Future Trunks says he understands the meaning and thanks the Future Warriors for their hard work. She then passes the scroll to the Future Warrior. The MC’s future as an escort warrior is bright. It’s just a matter of time before the timeline is altered again.

In this alternate timeline, the MC is a renowned escort warrior, who has a storied past in the time of the Future Trunks. The MC is recruited to be a teacher for the Future Warrior, and he helps the boy overcome his fear of time travel by teaching him how to fight the Future Warrior. Afterwards, the Future Warrior returns to the future to face the Time Guard and the Future Warrior.

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