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Drain all is a Canadian company that specializes in waste removal, plumbing and emergency response. The company is originally named Drain-All and later changed to Drain-All Ltd. to reflect its expansion into plumbing, household hazardous waste, and emergency response. The company’s name change coincides with the construction of new offices at Liverpool Court and Stevenage Drive in Ottawa. Its operations and headquarters are moved to these offices. The company’s growth is evident in the growth of its business. The company opens industrial operations in Napanee and employs more than 100 people, and expands its fleet to over 100 vehicles.

Condensate traps

Whether you’re dealing with atmospheric or zero pressure compressed air applications, the Drain All Model 1700 is the solution to your drainage problems. With a simple, pneumatic design, it’s quick to install and won’t compromise cost-effectiveness. Available from Ross Brown Sales, these drain all condensate traps are perfect for difficult-to-reach areas and remote facilities. They are corrosion-resistant and require no electricity.

The company also offers a full range of service and support for its condensate draining equipment. Its Zero-Loss Condensate Handler has become an industry standard and has been customized for use in non-standard applications. Since its introduction, Drain-All has been an American company for over 40 years and continues to provide superior quality products. It is made from corrosion-resistant materials and is patented.

The new Drain-All Condensate Handler replaces the previous Model 1700 and features a patented throughport design. It offers more throughput capacity for solid debris. drain all The Drain-All Condensate Handler is an excellent choice for most industrial applications and is suitable for compressors up to 1500 horsepower. It’s easy to install and uses less compressed air than its predecessors. Moreover, the new Drain-All Condensate Handler is designed for maximum productivity and reliability in harsh conditions.

When a drain-trap fails to discharge liquid, it can be manually tested. Most traps have a test button that an operator can push to ensure they’re working properly. With a transparent reservoir housing, it’s easy to see if the trap is draining liquid. In addition to manual testing, some models are equipped with an output alarm for monitoring the condition of the drain-trap. If they’re malfunctioning, they can be programmed to send an alarm to a PLC.

The Wright-Austin Float Drain Traps are suitable for gas and compressed air applications. They can handle up to 2800 lbs of condensate per hour. Their orifices are designed to handle pressure differentials of 5 to 500 psi. These drain all traps can also handle other fluids. They are made of stainless steel and feature internal components that are easily removable for inspection.

Rust Handler Series

The Rust Handler Series from Drain-All is a low-maintenance, pneumatic device that efficiently eliminates rust, scale and solid debris from all kinds of industrial applications. Its patented “though-port” design allows large amounts of debris to be discharged without clogging and minimizes system costs and blowdown. Because it is pneumatic, the Rust Handler Series requires no adjustments after installation. It is also easy to maintain and requires no daily or on-going maintenance.

When your intercooler, aftercooler, or receiver tank is covered in debris, the Rust Handler is the perfect tool to eliminate it. It also removes debris and scale from intercoolers and other high-performance components. Its wide range of accessories helps you quickly and easily remove the debris. Control Specialties carries a wide range of Drain-All products, including hard-to-find parts and accessories.

Energy-saving solutions

Heating water is the second-largest energy expenditure in the home. Hot water consumption accounts for almost 20 percent of the typical utility bill. Using less hot water can lower the amount of water needed and consequently the associated electric bill. This can save money and be better for the environment, too. You can also optimize energy efficiency in your home with home design. Listed below are some of the most important energy-saving tips.

Green investments

Investing in green companies is an increasingly popular trend in the stock market. But before you make the switch, there are a few things you should know. First, green companies are not necessarily more profitable. They are just as susceptible to market fluctuations as traditional companies. Second, investors have to decide whether they want to risk their money or make it work for them. It is a good idea to diversify your investments and consider the environment when choosing a mutual fund.

While green investing is not as lucrative as other traditional forms of investment, it can bring substantial returns. The key is to understand what makes green investments unique and how they differ from traditional investments. Some investors prefer pure-play green investments, drain all while others prefer those that focus on sustainability and have multiple revenue streams. Nevertheless, while green investments may be risky, some investors are convinced that they can match the returns of traditional assets. The trick is to do some research, and make sure that you are aligning your values with your investments.

A green economy is an approach to investing in ecosystems and natural resources. Investing in these sectors can lead to higher economic growth and more jobs. Investing in green sectors is particularly important in regions that don’t have access to clean water. In this case, investing in water services early will accelerate progress and make it more sustainable. In this way, you can make the most of your investments while they’re still cheap. If you’re interested in investing in green assets, here’s a guide to help you decide what you should invest in.

In order to be a successful green investor, you must ensure that your project gets the funding it deserves. Green infrastructure can increase property values while reducing operating costs. drain all It can also free up developable land. Whether you’re looking to invest in new projects or improve an existing one, green infrastructure can help boost your financial results. It’s a win-win situation for both sides. It’s worth every penny. So if you’re thinking of investing in green infrastructure, start today.

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