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Bikie News – Abuzar Sultani and Suleiman Abdulrahim Shot Outside Funeral

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Bikie News - Abuzar Sultani and Suleiman Abdulrahim Shot Outside Funeral

The last time you heard bikie news, you might have been a bit confused. You probably thought it was about Sydney’s ultimate hitman Abuzar Sultani. Now, it turns out the ultimate hitman was a former Lone Wolf bikie boss. Yusuf Nazlioglu, who is fighting for his life in hospital, was shot around 10 times in a car park. Meanwhile, Suleiman Abdulrahim was shot outside a funeral in Adelaide.

Yusuf Nazlioglu is fighting for his life in hospital

The former Lone Wolf bikie is in critical condition in hospital after being shot multiple times. He was shot in the face, head, and back during an incident in the inner west Sydney suburb of Rhodes. Paramedics worked on the injured man for over an hour before he could be rushed to the hospital.bikie news Police officers were on the scene to keep an eye on him. Police officers directed him to walk in the opposite direction.

Earlier, Yusuf was cleared of murdering Comanchero commander Mick Hawi. But a day before the execution, Yusuf had been shot 10 times in a Rhodes parking lot. Police confirmed the death, but refused to comment on the recent spate of underworld attacks in Sydney. Afterwards, the parking lot remained closed until late Tuesday.

Despite his erratic state, his incarceration was short. He was sentenced to three years in prison for possessing a firearm contrary to a gun prohibition. He was due to be released in September 2021. Police have not revealed who shot Yusuf, but it’s not clear if relatives of the deceased had anything to do with the murder.

While a balaclava-clad gunman was accused of murdering Comanchero boss Mick Hawi in 2018, the suspect, Yusuf Nazlioglioglu, has pleaded not guilty.bikie news Police are still searching for the driver of the silver hatchback, believed to be his getaway vehicle. However, the shooting is tragic for Yusuf Nazlioglu and his family.

Lone Wolf bikie boss Yousuf Nazlioglu was shot around 10 times in a car park

A former Lone Wolf bikie boss has been fatally shot in a shooting in Sydney’s inner west. Police say a man in his 30s was shot in the head, torso and legs. Police have cordoned off the area and are investigating whether there is a link between the shooting and the war in Sydney’s underworld.

The shooting happened on February 19, 2018. Police say the suspect, Lone Wolf bikie boss Yousug Nazlioglu, had a gun in his hand. He was accused of killing Mick Hawi, former Comanchero boss. The two were involved in a car accident in Rockdale, and the Lone Wolf boss was in his car at the time.

The gunman was later acquitted of killing Mick Hawi, tbikie newshe Comanchero boss who was shot dead in May last year. Nazlioglu and another man, Jamal Eljaidi, were acquitted of murder. The gunman’s car burnt out near the scene, but was later found to be the getaway car.

The police are asking for witnesses. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers. You can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. If you have any dash camera footage of the incident, contact the police. They can then assist with further investigations. And if you have any information about the shooting, you can help catch the criminals.

Abuzar Sultani was Sydney’s ultimate hitman

As president of the Rebels gang, Abuzar Sultani formed his own criminal organisation and led the inner circle in a seven-month killing spree. In total, he pulled the trigger on three murders. He told a psychologist in jail that the ongoing threats had made him desensitised to killing. He said that being shot in the street was “normal”. The police bugged his Sydney Olympic Park unit on a regular basis.

The two gangs were connected to a drug dealer called Barbaro. He had a Lamborghini, a Versace and Armani and an Instagram account. bikie newsThe gang known as ‘Sultani’s Crew’ consists of five men, each of whom was born in Afghanistan. The gang members are aged between thirty and forty-three and are accused of the murders of Barbaro, Mehmet Yilmaz and Michael Davey.

While studying accounting at Macquarie University during the day, Sultani ran a ‘black-ops killing squad’ by night. bikie news He was convicted of murdering Bikie Michael Davey and Rebels member Barbaro. He will serve life in prison for his role as leader of the gang. There is a film about Abuzar Sultani and his crime. It has a gruesome and bloody story.

The movie’s crew is trying to solve the case. The movie is based on the true story of a gang. Sultani’s gang murdered four people, one of whom was a prominent Australian gambler. bikie news The hitman also killed a Turkish television star and a former kickboxing champion. In the end, Sultani was the ultimate hitman in Sydney. He was connected to the Burwood Rebels bikie chapter.

Suleiman Abdulrahim was shot outside a funeral

Kickboxer Suleiman Abdulrahim was critically wounded when he was shot outside a funeral in Melbourne’s north on Saturday afternoon. bikie news The masked shooters crashed into a fire hydrant and carjacked a woman and child, before fleeing in a Ford Territory. He was shot in the lung and kidney, but managed to survive. The shooters were unable to make it to the funeral.

Police said Abdulrahim was targeted both before and after the fight. It’s unclear why he was targeted, but it was said hundreds of police were present to stop the attack. Police did not disclose the identities of the bikies and their target, and did not confirm if the attack was a revenge killing. However, they said they had no further information to give.

Police have not made an arrest. Police said the attackers’ motive remains unclear, but have released a chilling photograph that shows four bullet holes across Abdulrahim’s chest. The attackers fled, but not before driving into oncoming traffic. bikie news The bikie community is calling for vigilante justice. In the meantime, the public is encouraged to share a chilling image of the assailants on Facebook.

The death of Sam Abdulrahim is a tragic case for bikies in Australia. Suleiman Abdulrahim, an associate of the notorious Mongols bikie gang, was shot three times in the chest outside a funeral in Melbourne’s north. While he survived the attack, he was critically injured and is currently receiving treatment. He was shot in the chest by a Mazda SUV, which escaped the scene. The death was the latest incident to occur with the Bikies and is a tragic case for the whole community.

Nene Macdonald is under investigation by the NRL Integrity Unit

Despite signing a three-year deal with the St George Illawarra, Queenslander Nene McDonald is now facing a police investigation after an Instagram photo surfaced with alleged bikie Jarryd Hayne. The Titans refused to comment on the matter when it first broke, but the team later apologised for their failure to respond. The Gold Coast Titans were at the Mad Monday celebrations in Coolangatta at the time of the incident. Meanwhile, a Hells Angels member, Bill Bloomfield, is facing extortion charges in Southport.

The North Queensland Cowboys are aware of the incident, which allegedly involved Macdonald driving on a disqualified licence and abandoning the hire car. bikie news The alleged incident also involved a number of referees, which have both been demoted. While it is unclear if Macdonald was the driver, his car was parked near the side of the road, so the North Queensland Cowboys have taken legal action against him.

Jarryd Hayne is also being investigated by the NRL Integrity Unit after a video surfaced on social media showing him handing $5000 cash to a suspected bikie enforcer. The footage was obtained by News Corp Australia from the Snapchat account of Chris Bloomfield, a former Titans under-20 player. bikie news The accused bikie, who holds the cash, smiled at the camera. The Titans have been in contact with the NRL Integrity Unit over the video and will do everything they can to help their player remain in the game.

Aside from Macdonald, St George Illawarra star Corey Norman is also under investigation. According to reports, the player was involved in a street brawl in Cronulla. He was walking with two women after a dinner with two other women when a group of four men approached him. One of them racially abused Segeyaro, according to the report.

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