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Best Phone Wallets For Your Wrist: Keep Travel Organized

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Best Phone Wallets For Your Wrist: Keep Travel Organized

Smartphones have become an integral part of our life. We cannot think of our life without a smartphone. We use our smartphones almost 24/7 to stay connected with the internet and the virtual world. 

Smartphones have already made our life more convenient. Today, you can do almost everything with your smartphone. Whether we are talking about ordering something online, booking flight tickets, buying groceries, or watching your favorite sports and movies, we can do everything on our smartphones. 

However, with a phone wallet wristlet, smartphones can become even more convenient. These handy products allow you to store all your keys, cards, cash, and coins together. This is really helpful when you are traveling around. It helps keep your travel organized.

Today, we will discuss the benefits of a phone wristlet and the ones that are currently trending in the market.

Why Should Smartphone Wallet Cases Be Your First Choice?

When you leave your house for a small stroll down the street or a week-long business trip, there are two things that you will never leave at home – Your Wallet and your Phone.

These two things are the most important things you carry daily in your pocket, a purse, sling bag, and backpack. While they both might be small, carrying them certainly takes some space in your bag. 

But what if there’s a way to carry them both in a single case?

Well, the answer is a phone wallet wristlet. 

A Phone Wallet Wristlet is not new to the market. It is just that some people like their silicon, cheap, cute design back cover that they do not spare time to use as a really handy piece of work.

A phone wallet wristlet cases are designed with multiple scenarios kept in mind. They are made for practical use after contemplating different real-life problems people face. 

Below are a few advantages you can enjoy while using phone wallets.

1. Convenience

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of carrying a phone wallet case is that you can take advantage of two features by carrying one single item. If you are wearing too skinny jeans, you very well know the problems with carrying a wallet in the back and a phone in the front.

Even if you put both in a small bag, you will find that they are taking a lot of space collectively. Now, you don’t have space to keep your earphones and charging cable. So sometimes carrying them both can become a lot of hassle. 

So, why not, instead of carrying a wallet and phone individually, carry a phone wallet. You can carry not only your phone but also cash.

2. Protection

Wallet phone cases are meant not only for carrying accessories and cash but also for protecting your phone. This means that in an unfortunate scenario if your phone drops on the ground, your phone will be safe from any damage, or the damage will be on the minimum side.

Although phone cases are not designed solely for protection, with the right selection, you can select a phone case wallet. You can get one that protects your phone from any damage.

3. Style

Aside from being useful and convenient, a phone wallet needs to be stylish. Many modern phone wallets are designed to look fashionable and sophisticated and complement whatever style you are going for.

In terms of style, phone wallets have varieties to offer. You can go with the traditional black leather phone wallet or something a little chick like a clutch phone wallet. You have several options to choose from.

The Best Phone Wallet For Your Wrist

1. Docem Card Case

The Docem card case is made up of synthetic leather, which includes two separate angled pockets. While there are only two slots to keep your cards, the space is enough to theoretically ditch your wallet. While the leather is not original, they certainly feel real. You can enjoy leather at an affordable price.

2. Embrazio Handmade Leather Case

Embrazio is a phone wallet that is completely made up of genuine leather. Every phone wallet is handmade with precision. Once you start using one, you will fall in love with the craftsmanship. The wallet is like a purse where you can keep your phone on one side and all your necessary accessories on the other side.

3. Lameeku Wallet Case

Lameeku has a versatile design that uses wallet technology to hide all your cards and cash effortlessly. It hides all your cards inside a leather sheath. You just need to pull the tab up to reveal all your cards and cash. You will also rest at ease, knowing that the corners have small bumpers that offer a cushion effect when your phone drops on the ground.

4. Spigen Slim Armor Case

When we are talking about phone wallets, there are only a few types of phone wallets that offer complete protection to your cards and cash. But with the Spigen slim armor case, you can keep your phone and cards completely protected. It comes with a sliding hidden pocket that, just with one click, slides sideways to give you access to the card.

5. Smartish Vault Slim Wallet

Smartish companies market their phone wallets as wallet slayers. And after using it, we can certainly say that it lives up to its name. It has enough pockets to hold three cards and enough space to put some cash in. When you are carrying a Smartish vault slim wallet, you will hardly need to use your wallet. 


Out of all the types of protective cases for your phone, phone wallet cases are among the most popular ones. The reason is simple. When you are carrying a phone wallet, you don’t need to carry any additional wallet. Instead, you can use the phone wallet to keep your cards, paper cash, and coins.

Moreover, with the additional pocket to carry all your mess, you also get a high-quality protective cover. In some wallets, you get a wristlet that you can wrap around your hand. This will ensure you do not forget your phone or wallet while traveling.

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