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Bang Bang Lyrics by AJR

by Time Project
bang bang lyrics


Platten’s hit song “Bang Bang” has earned worldwide acclaim. bang bang lyrics It has gone platinum in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. In Denmark, it has been streamed over 2.6 million times. It was certified gold in Spain and went to number one on the iTunes chart in under 40 minutes.


AJR wrote the lyrics for the banging new song, “Bang!” The track features choppy production, bombastic horns, and quinoa, so you know that you’re getting a real treat. Check out the video below! You’ll be happy you did.

‘Quinoa’ in bang bang lyrics

AJR’s theatrical coming of age anthem ‘Bang!’ featured bombastic horns and choppy production. The song’s lyrics were provided by Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd. You can find them on their official website. “Quinoa is a key ingredient in the recipe.”

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