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Azabmafia2 Pop Culture References

by Time Project
Azabmafia2 Pop Culture References

The new Mafia game is a continuation of the franchise that began with Mafia II.azabmafia2 This game is a lot more fun than the previous games, so it’s worth revisiting a few of the pop culture references that made the series so popular. azabmafia2 These references include movie references and Pop culture ideas. You’ll love exploring the Pop culture references in this game, as well as the hidden Easter eggs.

Pop culture references

One of the most obvious ways to spot pop culture references in Azabmafia is to look for movie and TV series references. azabmafia2 Thankfully, there is no shortage of references. azabmafia2 There are also references to BTS, Lizzo, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones. But, in addition to these obvious sources, there are also some less obvious ones. Let’s look at the most notable ones.

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