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Athens Ohio Ham Radio Club

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athens ohio ham radio club

There are many benefits of becoming a member of the Athens Ohio Ham Radio Club. For starters, you’ll be part of a group of like-minded people. You’ll have access to a great club directory and meeting materials. There are even special events, like Halloween and Parks on the Air, that you can attend. These events are open to the public, so everyone is welcome.


The Athens County Amateur Radio Association (ACARA) is a local group of amateur radio enthusiasts. athens ohio ham radio club The club’s regular meetings take place at the Red Cross of Southeastern Ohio, located at 100 South May Avenue. ACARA members are encouraged to attend meetings in person, or Zoom if they cannot attend. The group also sponsors an annual field day, which teaches the participants how to use radios for communication.

Field Day

The Athens Ohio Ham Radio Club holds its annual Field Day every June. The event features a mobile radio tower that is loaned by the emergency management agency and half a dozen amateur radio operators. Each radio is powered by a portable generator or a solar panel. Last year’s big solar array was sold to a new owner so it was not available this year. The idea behind amateur radio communication is to help citizens in times of emergencies.

The goal of the event is to get new and inactive hams on the air. The radio club has several active HF SSB operators. Among these operators are DJ Amireh, Gary Carter, Robert Riordan, and Miles McFadden. They worked athens ohio ham radio club several shifts and made more than double the number of QSOs compared to last year.

The ACARA field day operation was set up at the Athens County Fairgrounds. Third Sun Solar Power provided the solar-demonstration trailer, and Dan Pfeiffer, the chief of operations for the 9-1-1 emergency communications center in Athens County, Ohio, provided a 50-foot trailer-mounted tower and an 80m/40m fan dipole antenna.

Among the ham radio operators participating in the event are members of the Boaz-Albertville Amateur Radio Club. The club plans to participate in a national amateur radio exercise. athens ohio ham radio club The ARRL (American Radio Relay League) holds this event each year to test amateur radio operators’ abilities to operate under various conditions and to establish their own wireless communications network. They will set up temporary radio stations and communicate with other ham radio operators throughout the region.


For those who are interested in getting involved with amateur radio, an Athens, Ohio ham radio club may be the perfect place to start. Members can learn about their hobby and find out about upcoming events. There is even a Jump Start program to help new members get their feet wet in the hobby. These meetings are athens ohio ham radio club held regularly and are open to the public. Many listings also have links to the club’s website.


If you’re looking for a local ham radio club, you’ve come to the right place. ACARA meets at the Red Cross of Southeastern Ohio at 100 South May Avenue. You can even attend the meeting via Zoom if you can’t attend the meeting in person. athens ohio ham radio club They also have a Jump Start program for new members that will give them a starter handheld and a basic knowledge of ham radio operations.

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